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How to keep your skin glowing this winter

Winter weather is not fun for the skin. Low humidity and the cold weather result in dry air which then steals the moisture from the skin. Without timely action, dry skin can lead to cracking and bleeding and harsh winter makes the problem all the more worst. Additional moisturizer helps, but you need to do it in a careful manner, so that the effects make the skin look youthful and smooth. To keep the skin glowing this winter follow the below-mentioned tips

Wash in lukewarm water

Hot bath is always good in the winter season, but whenever possible wash your hands and face. Use lukewarm water to avoid stripping as many oils away from the skin

Apply moisturizer immediately

The skin not only needs moisturizer but right after you wash your skin. When you apply moisturizer to damp skin, it seals that dampness into the skin. Keep it handy and within your reach



Get used to wear gloves, thermals and jackets to protect yourself from the chilly winters. This problem is all the more when you want to dress up smartly without wearing bulky winter wear. Here the winter thermal wear provides an effective solution in this regard. Not only one gets properly protected, but also can dress in style. Do not forget the sunscreen as well because the winter sun can be as damaging as the rays of the sun during summer.

Drink more water

We tend to drink less water during the winters, and resort to drinks like coke. Do not underestimate the fact that the skin needs hydration from the inside. Say for example a little lime water with lemon can be refreshing and at the same time hydrating.

Avoid toxins, specially the allergens

This is all the more when you have dermatoid. You have to avoid allergens which may trigger a flare up at any point of time. Winter skin is irritating, so avoid fabrics like wool which has a history of allergies.

Hydrate from the inside

Eating foods rich in water content can help you hydrate from inside. You could try fruits like watermelon and vegetables like tomatoes or carrots. Make it a point that you consume enough amounts of zinc and Vitamin C for the healthy production of elastin.

Overnight moisturizer

Dry areas such as hands, elbows have thin skin and tend to lose moisture than other areas of the skin. You could apply a moisturizing balm.

The above skin care tips if followed in a proper manner will ensure that you will sail through the winter without many hiccups. But whatever skin care routine you follow, you need to seek the help of a professional who can guide you better.


How to take care of your skin and hair this coming winter

Cold wind can create havoc for your skin and hair this coming winter. Below are mentioned some tips which you need to follow so that your skin and hair remains in perfect condition during this winter. This will not only help you feel good about your skin, but also prevent it for ageing.



Cover yourself from head to toe

Invest in a nice pair of thermals to prevent the cold air from entering the body. They act as insulation against the chilly winds and one can wear them when they need to take off their outer layer of clothes during the winter season. Since they are light in weight, they also do not make you look bulkier. Winter thermals online are the best option because you can avail attractive rates of discount. Other than this, you could invest in a nice pair of gloves to keep your hands dry. If you are going out in the snow, then wear a good pair of water proof gloves. Too much exposure to cold and harsh weather can leave your hair brittle and dry making it more prone to damage. You could also wear a scarf to protect the skin on your neck and chest.

Change your hair care mechanisms to the weather changes.

Plenty of shampoos are there in the market which make your hair stronger and healthier this winter. Hair becomes dry and brittle during winters, but if you provide it with the right type of treatment it will not become a major issue. It would not be a bad idea to undergo a moisturizer treatment once or twice in 15 days so that hair treatment can withstand the effects of winter.

Along with your hair, the skin care routine should be adjusted.

Skin is known to become drier in the cold weather, especially if it is windy as the moisture of the skin evaporates quickly and the skin does not produce a lot of oil. You could use a body cutter to prevent the skin from drying out. It does not need much attention as the skin on the face which is not exposed much. A point to be noted is that you need to pay the same attention to the chest and neck areas as the face.

Applying a good hand cream

This is important if you are not wearing gloves as the skin becomes constantly exposed and many of us become worried till the skin becomes dry and flaky. To keep the skin comfortable and soft, apply hand moisturizer on your hands in the morning and evening when you wash your hands on a regular basis. Once you have washed your hands, make sure you dry them before you go out.

The above mentioned skin tips will help you sail through the winter with flying colors.

How to buy clothes online

Buying clothes online can be a tricky business. Though shopping on the internet is convenient and saves time, yet you cannot go into the dressing room and try things on. For the careful shopper, there are plenty of ways to buy clothes online without any form of regrets. First of all, buying clothes is not an easy task, but it can be easy with a little bit of planning. This cannot be compared to buying from a brick and mortar store, the need of the hour is doing undertake a research. Go through the reviews of the products and before you purchase them see that you are satisfied. Consider the reviews about the customer feedback and now days most of the shopping websites have chat enabled services. Ask each and every question and after obtaining satisfying answers then only proceed.


Research can also help you find the best price online. Say for example if you are buying wool thermals the price in each website tends to differ considerably. You can do a comparison without leaving your desk. One can check multiple or auction sites regarding this. You may want to find out what you want in second hand condition or on an auction site for a fraction of a price which costs new. Do not forget to involve the shipping charges as well.

When you buy clothes, see to it which size fits you. The size of a particular brand may be completely different from the other brand in a shop website. It is better to stick to a particular brand when you are comfortable with it. If a jean suits you and it looks good on you, stick to it, and then mix up the styles and the colors. Pay attention to the size charts which are provided on the website of the retailer. It can help you to decide what suits you best on all conditions.

One of the most important points to take into consideration while buying clothes is the return and refund policy. As you cannot try the clothes when you buy online, many retailers let you exchange the products without having to pay any form of additional fees. Ensure that you can return the goods back to the company in the event of it not being up to the mark.

Last but not the least, check the customer service of the company. When you buy clothes online, you need to determine on how you would get in touch with the company if there is any problem. Do they have a 24 hour customer service representative? It should be easy to catch hold of someone if there is any sort of problem.

So all the best in case of online shopping!

Time to Get Into Trendy Thermals…!!

Winter times can be brutal, if you don’t get into the right outfit. However, if you can overcome the winter chill, it can bring out the best times of the year. To accomplish this purpose of staying warm, thermal wear has to be given a high priority. To make the best buy, it is suggested to go online. This mode of shopping can also save time and bring you comfort. In this article we bring you out all about mens thermal wear online India.


Concept Of Layering:

Briefly, layering means to wear garments in multiple layers. This can bring out maximum warmth then wrapping yourself in one thick garment. The air entrapped between the layers of the garments act as insulators and provides maximum warmth. In general, there are three layers which are described as follows

  • Base layer: This layer gets attached tightly to the skin. Its main function is to provide warmth and absorb the sweat produced.
  • Insulating layer: As the name suggests, the fabric employed in this layer must have high insulating properties. Wool is the recommended fabric in this layer.
  • Protective layer: This is the outer most layer. Apart from providing warmth, this must also make create a stylish look. The fabric employed should be water proof and wind proof.

Features Of Thermal Wear:

The garments employed used in base layers are called thermals. The requirements of the thermals vary with the activity. Here under, are the few basic requirements of the thermals.

  • It should possess a high flexibility.
  • Free movement of the body of the must be provided.
  • The fabric should be friendly to the skin.
  • The body temperature has to be retained by the thermals
  • It shouldn’t be too expensive.
  • It should have high breathability.
  • It shouldn’t be allergic towards skin.
  • The maintenance and cleaning has to be easily done.

Fabrics Employed:

The following fabrics are extensively used in the manufacture of the thermals.

  • Wool: When we say about winter, we can’t take wool out of it. Since ages, it’s the most preferred winter fabric. They keep you warm and absorb moisture quickly.
  • Synthetic fibers: Though wool is mostly used winter fabric, a few people tend to be allergic towards wool. At such cases, fibers like nylon, polyester can be handy. Their performance is also satisfactory. Newer synthetic fibers with enhanced properties are entering the market with time.
  • Cotton thermals: These fabrics are recommended only when you have least physical activity. They tend to lose their insulating properties when they are wet.

Get Online:

In the present era where the fashion rules, the time earns and the money matters, the best way to buy clothes is on online stores. Unlike purchasing from departmental stores, you don’t have to spend few hours and still get compromised if you get the desired outfit on online stores. Apart from choosing a wide range of options, you can also have the flexibility of comparing the prices among various stores. If you want to purchase thermals, there is no better place then online stores. Don’t keep waiting!!!!

Benefits of Winter Thermal wear

Winters are a time to dress in to layers. Thermal wears are generally the thinnest inner layers of the clothing. It gives you the proper insulation and keeps you warm. No matter what you wear, these winter thermal wears can go underneath any of them. These are pretty comfortable and come for both men and women. They come in all the sizes. They are made of wool, cotton or acrylic materials. There are some advantages of thermal wears:


1) They provide effective temperature control. They keep you warm even if you remove the upper layer of clothing. These can be worn during light winters and during functions and parties when you don’t want to spoil the look of your dress by wearing any winter wear over it.

2) They are comfortable and snuggle close to your body. They are tight on ankles and wrists hence preventing air from entering inside.

3) They are not costly. These are not bulky hence easy to be packed and carried anywhere. They don’t make you feel bulky as well.

4) They absorb perspiration so you don’t feel sweaty on wearing it. And thus they also prevent you from catching cold.

Thermal wears for men comes in a wide variety and in different price ranges. Pure wool long John body warmers, pure wool vest full sleeved body warmers, pure wool vest half sleeves body warmers, pure wool vest sleeveless body warmers are some examples of the types of body warmers available for men in the market. They are available in cotton, wool and acrylic materials.

Thermal wears for women also come in a wide range. They also come in full sleeve, half sleeve and sleeveless styles and in materials like cotton wool and acrylic. Cotton blouse half sleeved body warmers, Pure Wool Drawer Body Warmers, Pure Wool Blouse Half Sleeve Body Warmers, and Cotton Blouse Sleeveless Body Warmers are some types of thermal body warmers available for women.

The bottom line is thermal wears are a perfect choice for winters. They are affordable and of light weight hence can easily be carried anywhere. They are also very comfortable and they save the show of your dress in parties that are held in winters. These are fashionable and prevent you from catching cold in winter. You can buy them anywhere in the market and can also buy them online according to your requirement. Now, put your fashion foot forward even in winters and enjoy the weather with these thermal winter wears.

Bust Dry Shampoo Myths For Once And For All – Lackluster Hair Sucks

Hair care in appropriate manner carries tremendous significance and you ought to understand the essence of using every product with great care. However, many are under various impressions, most of them are myths, and the only time they realize it is when hair turns lackluster. Therefore, be sure to bust the myths for once and for all and enjoy the seamless benefits of the premium association. Using products like dry shampoo is always a great experience only when you know how to deal with the necessities. In fact, it turns wonderful just as you buy cotton thermal wear online and enjoy its goodness for seasons to come.


Dry Shampoo – Bust The Myths Forever

Using any hair care product sensibly delivers amazing results. Well, you cannot apply a bottleful of shampoo in every wash for perfect clean. Therefore, being sensible makes a huge sense. In addition, you should know how to use a product for entailing its highest deliverance and here is what you need to avoid while using dry shampoo.

  • Take adequate precaution while spraying dry shampoo. Always keep a gap of at least six to ten inches between the spray and hair roots. This certainly avoids the chalky white mess all over the head. Moreover, spraying from a close distance also adds more room for direct deposit of the powder on the scalp making things worse for you. Be sure to maintain precious space when you need it the most.
  • Dry shampoo is a composition designed to absorb oiliness and it works perfectly for giving just the right clean look to hair. However, excessive use of dry shampoo or spraying it more than required is always harmful due to the side effects like discoloration of hair as well as rough lackluster hair. Therefore, be sure to use as much as you need and do not spritz the entire container at once.
  • Another common mistake many do unknowingly is rubbing and removing dry shampoo within a few moments of spraying. Allow the product to work and absorb the oil, as it should. Best way of waiting for a minute or two before you rub gently makes a huge sense. Therefore, do not be a smart pants when you do not need to be.

The simple and best way of using dry shampoo comes in three steps. Firstly, spray as much as necessary from a distance of six to ten inches away from the scalp. Secondly, wait for a minute or two before you start rubbing gently for superior oil absorption. Then remove all the dry shampoo carefully using a comb or brush. Well, you can use hair dryer on cool setting and blow dry shampoo off the hair in a snap. Be sure to use the correct product and the recipe to enjoy maximum goodness of dry shampoo. It is amazing and indeed works the charm for you. Smart derivatives of the technology always come handy when you use them in the right sense. However, things turn worse when you do it wrongly. Do not fall prey to these problems ever. Staying away from them is easier than you expect and lackluster hair indeed sucks.

Dry Shampoo – Do It Right For Miraculous Hair Care

Enjoying the goodness of dry shampoo comes with lots of expectations of using it rightly and here many fail to comply with the necessities. However, some precautions and simple steps allow you to enjoy the goodness to the fullest. Using dry shampoo often is a necessity and it saves you from many hassles of hair care especially when you are on the go. Amazingly, this handy product comes in many forms and above all, you can make it at home too. Well, dry shampoo, the miraculous product indeed comes handy just as you buy thermal wear online India stores offer in a snap from the comfort of your home.

Hair Care Is Obviously Demanding – Are You Up To It

Learning the ways of properly using dry shampoo ascertains a perfect application and lasting freedom from oily hair. Enjoying the best of this hair care staple is easy and in fact, it offers the freedom from many conditions you often suffer during various lifestyle demands. Therefore, get set to unleash the power of dry shampoo, of course in the right manner.


  • The thumb rule of applying dry shampoo says that do not rely on it every day for cleaning hair. Using it between washes certainly helps magnificently in keeping the oiliness at bay. However, it will be detrimental to rely on a regular frequency. Problems it offers are clogging of skin pores and residue buildup. Have mercy on your follicles and do not let them saturate with loads of deposits of dry shampoo and give a chance to your scalp to breathe.
  • Understanding the technique of applying dry shampoo has paramount essence. You need to rub it gently on hair for superb absorption of the oil. Well, it makes no sense in applying dry shampoo if you miss the point. Moreover, it merely sits on hair and does not work, as it should. Therefore, give a thorough massage and start with the tips working your way up as you go. You can always stop massaging once the scalp and hair roots are done.
  • Be sure to understand the need of applying dry shampoo. Hair tips are not oily the way scalp and roots are. Aggressive application of dry shampoo on hair tips results in turning them stiff as well as lackluster when your hair does not need at all. Do not kill the sheen with your own act. The best way of using it is spray it or sprinkle it on a few inches only. It serves a great purpose and indeed helps you in enjoying the perfection at its best.

Taking care of hair appropriately is amazing and it makes a huge sense in keeping them healthy and lustrous. However, be sure to figure out the precise way of using various products and get the most from them. Enjoying the goodness of these fantastic products is easy only when you know how. Therefore, be sure to use these classic products in line with the requirements and enjoy the best experiences of all times.

Stay Away From Hairstyles That Bump Up Ageing Even Before You Notice – Forever

Keeping lines, dark spots, and wrinkles at bay is easy these days, thanks to creams, serums, and lotions that work the wonders for you. Well, some of these creams are even capable of reducing your age by a few years too. However, many women bump up ageing even without noticing simply with a wrong hairstyle. Certainly, hair play a vital role in defining your attributes and finding the right hairstyle that goes great with your personality therefore becomes of paramount essence. It is up to you to decide how you wear your style and look young forever. Switching to these amazing basics is as thrilling as you buy winter thermal wear online. Well it protects from cold and truly liberates you to carry your attitude wherever you go.


Hairstyles – Do Not Spoil Your Charm Forever

Some looks highlight unwanted angles and that indeed becomes a concern especially when you are rolling into higher age and lose the plumpness from the face. The problem is common yet you make it severe by picking a wrong hairstyle. Well, give up your favorite blunt lob forever even though it made you look chick few years ago. In fact, some naughty side-swept bangs make you look real cool and indeed conceal unwanted angles. Well, it is always up to you to pick up a subtle hairstyle over to a severe one. A subtle hairstyle can even soften various layers of face formation. Simplifying these essentials is very easy when you think beyond the conventional blunt lob.

Make Your Mind For A Switchover

Various impacts achieved simply by a switchover of a hairstyle have a lot to offer than imagined. Moreover, you can always change the way you look by adding a touch of the class to your hairstyling. Simply speaking it is time to shift to a dazzling hairstyle when skin sags and eyes droop. For an example, a bottom-heavy hairstyle drags your face down further adding more to the basket of ageing problems. However, a top-heavy hairstyle works in the opposite manner and makes you look charismatically young. Simple ideas like switching over to throughout volume and a little extra height at the crown works the wonders you want direly. Looking younger and vivacious is anyway simple when you are up to it.

Make some changes in your hairstyle and that can beat a few years of ageing even before you know. Hair play a vital role in creating an overall impact of your appearance and picking the right hairstyle is paramount therefore. Be sure to meet your ageing with pride and work on it to figure out a solution instead of fretting about it. Simple solutions work the charisma and miraculously transform your mundane personality into a ravishingly trendy magnet during every instance of socializing. However, be sure to consider the essentials like quality, length, color, and density of hair before you begin with the transformation. Well, it is simple, within easy reach, and inexpensive too. All you need it some spare moments and urge to look younger than you are.

Wear Your Attitude – Wear Your Sunscreen, It Is Never Too Late To Start

Some things are very essential in life and working on them is very crucial. Sunscreen is such a necessity and it indeed comes handy when protection matters the most. However, it is always good to bust myths and enjoy the perfection of inventive research and its direct application with your everyday life. However, there are certain myths about the sunscreen and you need to deal with them properly and overcome them to the fullest. Well, it is like keeping eyes open and minds receptive just as you do when you buy thermal wear for winter online. It is easy and in fact, opens a broader vision for you.

Bust The Myths – They Always Are A Nuisance

Many myths about everyday staples cause a concern as well as dilemma. Therefore, bust them before they bust your confidence. Here are some myths that need busting right away

  • Some strongly believe that sunscreen and makeup is all you need for all day long protection. It is true to some extent when your sunscreen needs SPF more than 30 and it has to be a broad spectrum product. Broad spectrum sunscreens protect you from UVB as well as UVA rays. Therefore, be sure to pick your sunscreen adequately and protect your skin, as you should. Well, you may need an extra tad of sunblock if your sunscreen has SPF less than 30.



  • Another myth says that 100% protection is offered by sunscreens with SPF 100. Well, even sunscreen lotions with SPF 30 provide up to 97% protection and it increases by 1% when sunscreen with SPF 50 is slathered. However, you may need to reapply after every two hours if you are among those with extra-sensitive skin.
  • A myth says that you were exposed to lot of sunlight when you were a kid and it indeed opened gateways for skin cancer in spite of the use of sunscreen at later years. However, it is not true. The chances may alleviate, yet recurrent use of sunscreen with SPF 15 or more depending your skin sensitivity surely helps you to stay away from problems.
  • Another myth spreads confusion about sunscreen lotions and allergy caused by it. Many women experience slight irritation after applying sunscreen lotion. However, it merely is irritation or a stubborn tingling feeling. Allergies would show up only after a day or two and not immediately. Typically, sunscreen lotions are not allergic. However, it is always strongly recommended to go ahead and do a patch test before using it especially if you are the one with extra-sensitive skin.

Using sunscreen lotions is the best way to add the finest layer of the protection and using it sensibly makes more sense. Moreover, it also helps in liberating you from various skin conditions occurring due to the overexposure to the sunlight. Take care when you ought to and protect your skin every time you go out in the sun. Be sure to maintain the protection even throughout the winter, as sunrays are equally harmful to dry lifeless skin then.

What The Heck Hardware Items Are Doing In Your Makeup Kit?

Many everyday use product come with an amazing potential to serve you with a broad spectrum of applications and it indeed is true. In fact, it opens amazing gateways to excel in what you do. However, selecting a right product for the right application is very necessary and you indeed need to be a smart pants to identify the association. Well, many spend a lot for buying various goodies necessary to stay tiptop and look gorgeous. However, smart pants reinvent things around them and use them to the fullest at a measly cost and uncompromising values. It is as amazing as buying the hottest deal of winter thermals online when you badly needed it.


Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth certainly is not an item from your makeup kit, but not anymore. You can use a microfiber cloth in many ways to get everyday makeup tasks with flair. Well, some may buy a similar cloth from makeup stores by spending a fortune and on the other hand, it comes at a measly price when you buy it at hardware store. Well both are equally effective however, buying it at hardware store makes you a smart pants. Microfiber cloth comes handy in various ways. You can use it for excellent makeup removal. Moreover, you can always use it for exfoliating skin. This ultra-absorbent, soft, and smooth car buffing cloth comes handy in many ways when you reinvent its use. In fact, it is a must for every makeup kit these days.

Paint Sponges

Simple paint sponges come handy in reviving tired eyes and skin around it. These sponges are available dirt-cheap and indeed are value addition when you compare versatility of use over to its price in hardware stores. De-puffing eyelids is simple when you have couple of paint sponges handy. The recipe is simple. Dampen both sponges a bit. Then keep them in refrigerator throughout the night. Then place them on eyelids for an amazingly soothing effect. Simple remedies work the wonders. What happens during the process is your eyelids are treated with a cool compress and it directly compresses blood vessels of eyelids to reduce inflammation. Although the process appears simple, it has subtle scientific base and it helps in faster recovery even when you are not aware of it.

Changing a bit to try out new possibilities of everyday tasks is amazing and helps in discovering solutions you need for the ultimate control. Be sure to work on priorities with slightly different approach and get the most from the products you buy. In fact, intuitive use of these hardware products like paint sponges and microfiber cloth indeed liberates you from spending lots of money on buying expensive products or treatments. Some DIY approach in everyday life truly answers great concerns and help you live freely. Therefore, get set for a lookout of these everyday products and their amazing uses far beyond the scope of your imagination. Well, ultimately saving time and money matter the most just as improved efficiency and control.

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