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Keeping your kids warm and comfortable during winters

When you feel cool breeze flowing through your face and see heaps of leaves around the boulevard, you know that winters have arrived. Now this is the time to take extra care of you and your family’s health. If you think that you can stay inside your house like a bear hibernating with cubs, then forget it. You have to get out of the house for many things like shopping and work. Kids also have to go to school and play with friends.

When kids get outside in winters, they are vulnerable to many health disorders due to cold such as flu, frostbite, etc. In order to keep the kids safe, it is your responsibility to make sure that kids have proper winter clothing on while going outside of house. Here are some dressing tips for kids in winters.

Layering is the best way of dressing in winters and is the key to stay warm. Dressing in layers helps kids in staying warm as the air is trapped between the different layers of clothing and provides an insulating layer. Basically three layers are enough to keep your kids warm during winters which are under layer, middle layer and outer layer.


Under layer or Base layer

The under layer or base layer is very important as it is the first layer of clothing and remains in continuous contact with skin. Due to this reason, the base layer needs to be moisture absorbing so that it could easily wick away the moisture from the body keeping it warm. The best thing for base layer is to wear a set of thermal wear.

Middle layer or insulation layer

The insulating layer has to be light weight and stretchable so that it could be worn comfortably. A breathable sweater of wool or fleece would be ideal for middle layer. The main purpose of middle layer is to provide maximum amount of insulation to the body.

Outer or protective layer

The outermost layer is meant to protect your body and other two layers from the elements of weather such as water, wind, snow and ice. For that reason, the protective layer needs to be water resistant and wind resistant. Additionally, the outer layer needs to be breathable so that moisture from body easily escapes out keeping the body warm.

Apart from layering of clothing, you should also take care of hands and head. For hands, a nice pair of mittens or gloves would be best. Make sure that the gloves you purchase for your child are of perfect fit otherwise they would limit the movement of fingers. For head, you must buy some nice winter hats. It is very easy to find kids winter caps online in India. About 70% of the body heat is lost through head and a nice warm winter cap would help in avoiding that and keeping your kid’s body warm.


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