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Thermal wear to keep intense cold away

When the cold is so intense that all the sweaters, coats, shawls and gloves, caps and socks seem totally inadequate, it is time to turn to thermal wear to keep warm. Winter is certainly harsh in the sub-Himalayan states in India. Large parts of these states remain frozen and cut off from the rest of the country for a few months of such extreme winter weather. Residents of these regions and the people, who have to visit these regions for some reason or the other, do need very elaborate protection against cold during these months. And the most effective among these is the thermal wear.

A complete set

Thermal wear is a complete set of inner wear covering all parts of the body. It comprises a long-sleeved shirt, pant and glove and cap liners. This inner wear is snug fit. It is always made of a double-ply fabric. The two layers can be of the same material or different. The materials used in the making of thermal wear include cotton, polyester, flannel, silk, wool and fleece. It is woven in such a way that body heat is not allowed to escape. The ribbing of the sleeve cuffs and pants keeps cold air out. Thermal wear is thin and light but protects people from intense cold quite effectively. It was initially produced in plain white colour. Now, thermal wear too has become colourful. More and more designs are coming out and thermal wear has begun to look good apart from performing its main function of keeping the body warm. The buying options are multiplying fast. Thermal wear is getting style conscious, slowly but surely.

women thermal wear online

Immense variety

Online shops are offering an immense variety in women thermal wear online unlike a few years back when there would hardly be any choice. Brands are now producing thermal wear for women in a big way. The brands include Biba, Kanvin, Species, United Colours of Benetton, Vanca, Wildcraft, Cloe, Hanes, Heart 2 Heart, Jockey, Kidley, Selfcare, and Splash. Pants, pyjamas, T-shirts and tops and other thermal wear are available in many sizes and colours. The prices range from Rs500 to over Rs6000. Good quality thermal is available for around Rs1500. When thermal wear was introduced, its designs used to be basic and simple. Now, the brands are going in for more variety, innovation and an increasing number of designs.

Many incentives

Online shops offer discounts from 20 percent to 40 percent on thermal wear of all types for women. There is a warranty on thermal wear. The buyer can get back to the online shop for any manufacturing defects within a month. The shops keep coming out with attractive winter offers. The delivery period of most online shops is a day or three or four days. The buyers can use many modes of payment and also the offer the instalment facility.

Thermal wear washing

It is possible to use both hand wash and machine wash for Thermal wear. But the water has to be lukewarm and a mild detergent has to be used. Thermal wear is not to be bleached or wrung after washing. It can be ironed only at low temperature settings.


Keep your child safe during skiing with proper clothing and safety gears

Skiing is a fun activity, which ice can pursue as a hobby for recreational purposes, and also one can adopt it as a professional. Whichever you choose, one thing is sure that you must take proper training lessons for trainer for better skills in skiing. If you want your child to learn skiing, it can be a fun thing to do. But, at the same time, it is risky and dangerous too if proper precautions are not taken.

First of all, you should enrol your child in skiing training school where he will learn how to ski without falling. The skiing environment in the training school is very much safe as compared to actual skiing fields. Here, he will learn how to walk with skies on, how to avoid falling during skiing and how to avoid the obstacles in the path of skiing. In order to have good skiing skills, proper training is necessary.

Along with proper training, it is also necessary to have proper skiing clothing and gears on for enhanced safety of your child. As skiing is done in snow, it is essential to dress your kid with proper winter wear to avoid any type of problem due to cold. The kid must wear a nice warm jacket to combat the direct air that he has to face during skiing. For a better grip and to avoid hands from going numb, proper woollen gloves should be worn. You can easily find some good quality kids winter gloves online in India. For protection of your head, you need to buy some winter caps to protect your kid’s head. It is better to buy hats with straps so that they do not fly away in heavy winds. During skiing, your kid’s feet would be closest to the ground, and hence you should take extra care of footwear. Warm skiing boots along with warm woollen clothes will keep your kid’s feet warm during skiing and avoid problems like frostbites, chill blain, etc. Apart from that helmet, knee guards and gum guards are also necessary during skiing for maximum safety of your child.

kids winter gloves online in India

After your child is ready for actual skiing field, start from skiing on hills with lower elevations as here speed remains in control, and also, there are lesser obstacles in the path. After your child seems to master the hills with lower elevations, go for the higher skiing fields. Keep emergency numbers always with you so that in case of emergency, you could contact them immediately. Also, keep a medical kit with you with all the essential things in it such as pain killers, anti-septic ointments, sprays, some bandages, etc. A medical kit is very helpful in giving first aid in case of a fall or injury. With above given tips and advice, you can rest assured that your kid is safe during skiing.

Tips to buy sweaters for men online in India

The sweater for men is more than just a protection shield for the winters but a style statement. In the olden times, most of us used to wear the simple snow proof overcoat and simple buttoned leather jackets in order to protect you from the biting cold. Looking at the fashion trends over a period of time, there are many designers who have come out with various designs. The men’s sweater is going through a makeover – you will now find more of polo necked sweaters, pull over’s and zippers. Besides this, the best part is that these sweaters are made from best quality wool. You can get all these latest trendy sweaters at all online stores.

Whenever you think of sweaters for men online shopping in India, the first thing which comes to mind is convenience and time saving. Yes, of course, you may miss the fun of going around in various malls and shops and also enjoying food from outside. But with the passage of time, we have become so busy that we find very little time to go out and do shopping, hence the online shopping is the best option for all of us. You need to follow some simple safety tips in order to get the best deals from the online sites.

18_winter sweater

Dressing for the winter possesses a significant challenge. Try to dress up in layers, and try to use a few thin layers rather than a few thick layers. It will help you insulate and allow you to strip the layers if the temperature tends to rise. You need to consider the level of activity, which you are undertaking.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while you shop for the sweaters online is to buy from secure sites. You should make sure that you purchase from the company sites. You should buy from recognized stores and also ensure that there is a digital signature, which proves the authenticity of the online shops. It is always good to plan your purchases well in advance and besides this, you also should search for multiple offers for the same product. Finally, always read the privacy policy and return policies of the online stores. Quite often, it is seen that the price may seem appealing to you, but when you order the cloth, the shipping charges tend to offset the cost. So, whatever savings you are expecting will eventually go down the drain.

Another major problem in the case of clothes is the correct fit concept. If you fittings are not in order, you have to return the product which works out to be a major hassle. So, you should have your measurements in order and you could also rely on a professional to help you in this regard. To be on the safer side, if a particular brand works better for you, stick to it.

Best dressing tips for your baby boy

We spend a lot of time when choosing clothes. We are very much concerned about our appearance and clothes play a big role in our appearance. But does that apply to the clothing of babies? Most of the parents want that their baby should look like cute, sweet and beautiful. When choosing clothing for babies, it is very important that you choose clothes that are stylish, as well as they keep your baby safe to protect him from outer elements. Most of the parents face a problem that they are unable to find cute looking clothing for baby boys. If you also face this problem, you must deal with it intelligently and you will have many options for your kid’s clothing.

Here are some tips that can help you in dressing your baby boy in a cute and safe way.


The most common thought when dressing boys is that the dresses of boys cannot be accessorised but that would be entirely wrong. You can experiment different combinations for your baby boy. You can try different pairs of socks with different t-shirts and pants. You can also add ties, suspenders and braces along with the dresses for your baby. If your child is very small, you can also choose designer diapers that are colourful and have different prints.

94_kids jacket

Classic prints

Classic prints on clothes are all time favourite for kids’ clothing. Parents often seem to dress their kids in solid colours, which make their dress boring and monotonous. You should go for different prints and patterns such as stripes, polka dots, animal prints and floral prints. Whenever you are buying a t-shirt for your boy, try to imagine him in them so that you could have an idea what would look good on him and you can also pair these classic print t-shirts with other clothes and accessories we just discussed above.

Mix n match

Mixing two different styles can be interesting and can bring out new looks for your kid. Don’t go for a cool dude style or a serious guy style for your boy, but try to mix them together to invent a new look.

Winter wear

When buying winter wear for your boy, you need to be a little extra cautious. Along with style, you also need to remember that the clothes for winters need to be comfortable and efficient enough to provide your baby enough amount of warmth to your baby boy and protect him from cold. You will find many cute looking boys winter jackets online that will not only give your kid a nice stylish look, but also keep him warm during cold days. You will also find cute gloves and baby hats for kids that will provide extra protection to your kid during cold season.

With right approach, you will never run out of dressing ideas for your baby boy.

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