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Tips to stay safe during a trip to hill station

Everyone likes to take a break from a hectic work life and relax in the soothing environment of a hill station. It tranquilises your senses for a short time and helps in rejuvenate them so that you get ready for another innings of life. The serenity offered by a hill station is very hard to find anywhere else. Undisturbed by pollution and the heavy city traffic, the hill stations are the best place to spend some quality and peaceful time with your close and loved one. However, with tranquillity and peace, hill stations also pose a threat and a trip to a hill station could be dangerous if you don’t take necessary precautions in mind.


Here are some of the ways that can keep safe during a trip to a hill station.

  1. Don’t drive in dangerous conditions. First of all, if you are not used to drive in hilly areas, do not drive at all. It would be better to hire a driver who is skilled and experienced to drive in hilly areas. Additionally, if there is news of landslides in any area of a hill station, avoiding driving in such areas, no matter how skilled driver you are. The debris coming from the mountains can come to your car without giving any prior warning and cause severe damage to your car and you.

  2. Stay away from the edges while visiting tourist spots. You can easily slip off the edge if you are not careful. No matter how panoramic is the view from the edge, staying away from the edges is the best way to stay safe.

  3. The climate at hill stations can be very cold, and hence, it is necessary for you to take enough of winter wear with you to stay protected from cold. Buying women shawls for winter along with some heavy sweaters and cardigans can keep you warm and comfortable during your stay at a hill station.

  4. Avoid getting wet in cold or you can easily suffer from frostbite. You should always keep something with you to keep you dry. The best thing would be to wear clothing that is water resistant. If you are not wearing water resistant clothing, you should immediately get indoors and change your wet clothes to keep your body dry.

  5. Keep proper water supplies with you. Water at hill stations comes from streams and rivers, and, hence you need to make sure that the water you are consuming is well filtered and sterilised. If you don’t have a supply of bottled water with you while camping, make sure that you boil the water before drinking.

  6. Always keep a first aid kit with you. It is very common to suffer small cuts and bruises while you are hiking on a hill station. If you do not treat your bruises and cuts immediately, they can turn into infected wounds. A first aid kit with some basic medicines can be very helpful.


Choose the ideal clothing to wear during running in winters

Winters are here and now you must be thinking about your exercise regime to be altered. You might have to shift your morning running schedule to the late hours when it is slightly warmer than the early morning. Well, changing your time is not a good idea. You can choose to wear better clothing to fight the cold while running in winters instead. Proper running gears will not only allow you to stay warm while running, but will also provide you better running condition in winters.

Here are some of the essential winter running gears that you must wear while running in winters.


You may think that it will be difficult to run in jackets, but it is not true. It will instead keep you comfortable. The jacket you should wear while running must be wind and water resistant with a warm lining, which could protect you from the elements of weather such as rain, snow and ice and also keep you warm. Avoid wearing heavy coats or jackets as they will hinder your exercise. A shell is all you need.

Winter hat

Winter hats are made of fleece or wool and are perfect to wear when running. It is extremely cold outside in winters, and when you run outside, you face the wind blowing in the opposite direction, which can be very dangerous for you. A hat will keep your head warm and cosy and will prevent the body heat from escaping.

28_winter wear onlineMoisture wicking base layer

You sweat a lot while running and that moisture needs to be wicked away to keep your body warm. Wearing a base layer of thermal wear will help you in keeping your body dry and wicking away the moisture away. Avoid cotton wear at any cost while running in winters. Cotton absorbs sweat and takes long time to dry. If your base layer is of cotton, it can remain wet for long time if once get wet and this could lead to fever.


When you run in winters, your legs also generate a large amount of heat; hence you don’t need many layers to protect your legs. Most of the running pants are made up of synthetic materials that are water resistant and wind resistant. If the climate outside is extremely cold, you can choose to wear two layers. One is of wicking thermal wears and the outer one is the protective shell such as track pants.


Shoes are also extremely important for running in winters. They will protect your feet from problems like frostbite, numbness and also will keep your feet warm and make running easy in cold season.

When you are looking for best place to buy winter wear for running, internet is the place to go. When you buy winter wear online, you get a large variety of clothing at a very affordable price.

Winter gloves the most essential accessory in India

Winters are enjoyable in any country across the globe. There are many tourist destinations, which are to be visited in winters. The most important thing to be kept in mind while visiting these destinations is the clothing which you wear. During winters, one should wear enough warm clothes. The different types of winter clothing are jackets, sweaters, coats, mufflers, scarfs and the most important winter gloves. This is considered as one of the most critical accessory. You should have a quality pair of gloves, which ensure that your hands are warm while you are moving from one place to another.

A good pair of gloves will keep the hands warm and dry, and besides this, they can also form a part of your fashion statement. In the olden times in India, when you want to buy winter clothing, you had to move from one shop to the other, but the times have changed, you can buy winter gloves online in India. Let us look to few things that have to be kept in mind when you buy the winter gloves.

20_buy winter gloves online in India

To begin with, style is the most important consideration when you plan to buy winter gloves. Nowadays there is a plethora of gloves available in the online market. All these gloves are from various branded companies and you can buy them as per the requirement of the occasion. A pair of classy leather gloves will look great on you if you have to impress your date; in the same manner if you have to shovel the snow at freezing temperatures, then you should wear heavy and thick ski gloves.

Another most important thing to be checked is the material used to making the gloves. The gloves should be water proof and besides that they should be able to withstand the snow fall and precipitation. Among all materials leather is considered the best. Once the pair of gloves has been selected, you need to check the dexterity it offers. The following tips needed to be followed in ensuring that you have found the perfect pair of gloves

  • When you wear the gloves and they fit snugly, try to move the fingers around. If you find it difficult to move, the fingers apart then resort to another pair.

  • Another difficulty is when you open and close the fist, whether one is able to do it without any difficulty, or if is feeling whether the seams are getting too strained. If it is the later, then these are the ones probably not the ones for you.

  • When you wear the gloves, try to pick up the objects with them. You should start with large things like box and then get down to small things like a coin. Most gloves allow you to pick large and small ones, but the tricky ones are the smaller ones.

To sum it up, the perfect gloves will give you a firm grip on the object.

Headwear as the style statements for men

When purchasing the headwear, it is difficult for men to choose the perfect hats or caps which will suit their face shape. You should buy a winter hat or cap which is comfortable, provides maximum warmth and also makes a style statement. There are different hats and winter caps for men online, which will suit your personality and is perfect for any faces such as the long faces, oval faces, round faces or any other types of faces.

Some choices for winter caps

  1. Ski Hats

This hat is one of the most favorite with most people since the last decade. These hats can be worn casually at any time and provide cozy and warm feeling. It can also be combined with winter outfit such as scarves, gloves and coat to make a style statement and is a good addition to men’s winter wardrobe. When purchasing the ski hats, you need to make sure that it matches with shape of your face.

  1. Beanies

This is another very popular choice for hats when it comes to winter hats for the men. Although, these hats are worn by both men and women, it looks better on men. This hat makes a very casual style statement and can be worn with any casual outfit such as puffer jackets, jeans, t-shirts etc. You should wear beanies on very cold and rough day in winter as it provides extra warmth for the people. If you want to make a style statement, you should try and check your look before you buy this type of hat. It looks best on the people who have heart shaped face.

11_winter caps for men online

  1. Trappers

This is one of best type of headgear for the places which have extreme type of the winter season. This is because the trapper’s type of hat has wings on both sides. These wings help to cover both ears in the extreme cold and keep them warm. Also, it makes for the best style statement as anyone can look good with this headgear. You can easily have one in your winter wardrobe.

  1. Flat caps

One of the good options for a style statement is flat caps when you have a round face. The flat caps are deemed to be sophisticated, stylish and can be worn at any casual occasion or also at work. The flat caps for men can be paired with big jackets or military coats. Flat caps are available in different colors and can become the best addition to the winter wardrobe of men and women.

These are some of the most popular types of hats and caps, which are very popular among men to make a style statement and remain warm and cozy during long winter season. You can also choose many other caps styles such as berets, Peruvian styled hats, etc. for addition in winter wardrobe. You can also use ear muffs and scarves to provide protection for the ears in winter. There are lot of choices available at the stores whether they are offline or online from where you can make a choice regarding colour and texture.

Keeping your kids warm and comfortable during winters

When you feel cool breeze flowing through your face and see heaps of leaves around the boulevard, you know that winters have arrived. Now this is the time to take extra care of you and your family’s health. If you think that you can stay inside your house like a bear hibernating with cubs, then forget it. You have to get out of the house for many things like shopping and work. Kids also have to go to school and play with friends.

When kids get outside in winters, they are vulnerable to many health disorders due to cold such as flu, frostbite, etc. In order to keep the kids safe, it is your responsibility to make sure that kids have proper winter clothing on while going outside of house. Here are some dressing tips for kids in winters.

Layering is the best way of dressing in winters and is the key to stay warm. Dressing in layers helps kids in staying warm as the air is trapped between the different layers of clothing and provides an insulating layer. Basically three layers are enough to keep your kids warm during winters which are under layer, middle layer and outer layer.


Under layer or Base layer

The under layer or base layer is very important as it is the first layer of clothing and remains in continuous contact with skin. Due to this reason, the base layer needs to be moisture absorbing so that it could easily wick away the moisture from the body keeping it warm. The best thing for base layer is to wear a set of thermal wear.

Middle layer or insulation layer

The insulating layer has to be light weight and stretchable so that it could be worn comfortably. A breathable sweater of wool or fleece would be ideal for middle layer. The main purpose of middle layer is to provide maximum amount of insulation to the body.

Outer or protective layer

The outermost layer is meant to protect your body and other two layers from the elements of weather such as water, wind, snow and ice. For that reason, the protective layer needs to be water resistant and wind resistant. Additionally, the outer layer needs to be breathable so that moisture from body easily escapes out keeping the body warm.

Apart from layering of clothing, you should also take care of hands and head. For hands, a nice pair of mittens or gloves would be best. Make sure that the gloves you purchase for your child are of perfect fit otherwise they would limit the movement of fingers. For head, you must buy some nice winter hats. It is very easy to find kids winter caps online in India. About 70% of the body heat is lost through head and a nice warm winter cap would help in avoiding that and keeping your kid’s body warm.

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