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Tips for buying the best winter wear for you

For those, who love to be stylish and fashionable, winter is a good season to try new trends and styles, but for those, who do not have much knowledge and style, they might get confused in deciding what to buy for their winter wardrobe. Buying winter clothing can be tricky, as in your winter clothes, you look for both style as well as comfort. If you choose wrong clothing for winters, you might end up giving yourself a teddy bear look. Here are some of the tips to buy right type of winter clothing for your winter wardrobe.

Thermal wear

Thermal is one of the most essential winter wears for the modern times. They are thin and light weight and could be worn under your regular outfit. Most of the thermal wear is made from a high quality blend of woollen and cotton fabrics. This provides you outstanding warmth during winter as well as they are also very good in absorbing sweat from your body keeping your body dry as well as warm. Thermal wear also helps you in looking thinner in winters as you can skip one or two layers of clothing when you put on thermal wear. To buy the best thermal wear in India, online shopping is the best way to buy them. Here you get best quality and large variety of products in very reasonable prices.

118_thermal wear


Sweaters are available in different knits and styles in the market to choose from and make a very basic piece of clothing when it comes to winter wear. Sweaters are most suitable for almost everyone as they can be worn on casual outings as well as formal events with great style. For formal events, the best choice would be a cashmere sweater, which gives you the ultimate luxurious look. When looking for something casual, you should go for alpaca, sheep or camel wool. They are also very soft and provide you ample amount of warmth.


Your winter wardrobe is incomplete if you have not included some stylish and warm jackets in to it. Winter jackets are not only good for style, but they also provide you protection from elements like snow and wind and keep your body warm during extremely cold days. Winter jackets are available in large varieties ranging from Denim jackets, long jackets, over coats, parka jackets and many others. When buying jackets, make sure that the material of the jacket is durable and could last for a long time. You would be investing quite an amount of money in your jackets and you would not like to buy jackets every season.


Winter accessories like mufflers, winter hats, winter gloves, winter boots and socks, etc are also very important for maximum protection in winter season. The winter accessories not only provide you extra warmth, but also give you a distinct look and can make even a boring outfit colourful and stylish very easily.


Cherrapunji has just one season

Cherrapunji has just one season all round the year: the monsoon. The rainfall varies from heavy to very heavy to medium and occasionally to light. But no month passes by without rain. Another surprise in Cherrapunji is that it rains mostly at night. The Rain God rarely disturbs the day-to-day activity of the town. Cherrapunji, now usually called its old name Sohra, is a hills station situated at an altitude of 1,484 meters in Meghalaya. It has had the most rainfall in a calendar month and in a year, receiving 9,300 mm in July 1861 and 26,461 mm between August 1, 1860 and July 31, 1861.

Beautiful setting

Cherrapunji is set amid a simply beautiful setting. It has soaring hills, misty valleys, waterfalls, foaming-murmuring streams and rivers, swirling clouds, rich greenery and stunning views. Not many sites can beat this awesome combination. Add to it the eternal monsoon and vacation at becomes magical. The heaviest downpours occur from May to September. The dark-threatening clouds pour rain, with debilitating force. There are gushing streams everywhere. The large raindrops play percussion rhythms on rooftops and windows. And there are waterfalls and waterfalls. The most spectacular among them cascades 1,035 foot down. That is Mawsmai Falls, just a few kilometres from Cherrapunji. The town continues to have its pristine beauty.


After the torrential rain

When the rain eases, orchids bloom. The quaint labyrinth of passages below ancient caves is ready for exploration by visitors. Cherrapunji experiences sunlight and a lot of it. New plants spring forth from the Earth and life resumes with renewed vigour. The Cherrapunji hills have no lush green vegetation one would expect at wet places. They have dense woods in patches. The richness and variety of the flora patches is unbelievable. It is a riot of rare orchids, ferns, and moss. Each little pocket is a paradise for botanists. However, the valleys around Cherrapunji do have lush green cover and very diverse vegetation. They have innumerable endemic species of plants.


Cherrapunji also produces quality oranges and pineapples. It is said that the Cherrapunji oranges are the ancestors of the Nagpuri oranges.


Reaching Cherrapunji

Guwahati (181 km) is the nearest major airport to Cherrapunji. Taxis can take tourists from the airport to Cherrapunji. The Umroi Airport near Shillong (91 km) is the nearest airport. But it has only a few flights from Kolkata. It is a steep 58-km from Shillong to Cherrapunji, along a road perpetually bathed in mist. Buses and taxis too ply to Cherrapunji from Shillong. Guwahati is the nearest railway station. Visitors can travel by bus or taxi from the Paltan Bazaar bus stand in Guwahati.

Cold and wet

Cherrapunji has a mild climate. Its yearly rainfall average is a staggering 1178 cm. It receives the southwest and northeast monsoonal winds. That explains the year-long monsoon. Its average temperature varies from 11.5 °C in January to 20.6 °C in July. That makes Cherrapunji cold throughout the year. So, it will be wise for families to look for thermal wear online and equip each member with adequate protection against cold and also something waterproof.

Calm and beautiful Kalimpong

Kalimpong hill station in West Bengal is situated at the height of 1,250 meters. The feature of this beautiful hill station is its quietness. That is what a hill station should be about. A leisurely stroll through calm streets, splendid mountain chill persuading you unsuccessfully to walk fast, a cup of steaming coffee somewhere on the lawns of a restaurant on the road, returning to your hotel after a completely satisfying long trudge, waiting expectantly for lunch and finally taking the first sip of the hot soup!

Sit and watch

The Kalimpong visit is quite unlike the visits to most hill stations across the country, where the visitors, woken up early in the morning, stuff themselves with breakfast and rush out to complete the mandatory scenic spots within the time deadline. No such thing at Kalimpong. Relish here the fragrance of its famous flowers, relax in the peaceful worship places or just sit somewhere and watch the scenic beauty around and the Himalayan ranges. The 8,586-m Kanchenjunga is clearly visible from here.

88_best thermal wear

Adventure sports

Kalimpong has colonial architecture, monasteries, churches, beautiful orchids and flowering plants. Situated on a ridge, Kalimpong overlooks the Teesta River down below. Kalimpong exports flowers, orchids, tubers, flower bulbs, and rhizomes. It is renowned for its cheese, noodles and lollipops. A major ginger growing area, Kalimpong and Sikkim produce 15 percent of country’s ginger. It also has some tea gardens. The town is a religious centre of Buddhism. The Zang Dhok Palri Phodang monastery has many rare Tibetan Buddhist scriptures. Lovers of adventure and sports can opt for mountain biking, river rafting in the Teesta or go on trekking trails. The cable car ride on the Samco ropeway is about a 1.5 km long and crosses the Teesta and the Relli. It provides an astounding view of nature.

 Places of interest

Among the places of tourist interest are the Catholic Church, St Theresa Church, Tharpa Choling Monastery, Thongsha Gumpha, Mangal Dham, Sarmasa Garden, Neora National Park, and the Relli river. Among the many points with a beautiful view are Samthar Plateau, Durpin Dara Hill, Deola Hill, Kalimpong Art and Crafts Centre, Nature Interpretation Centre, and the Army Golf Club.

best thermal wear in India

The way to Kalimpong

The nearest airport is in Bagdogra, 80 km away. Four carriers link Kalimpong to Delhi, Calcutta, Paro (Bhutan), Guwahati and Bangkok. The closest railway station is New Jalpaiguri, which is connected with many major cities. The town is connected to cities across the country by road. Regular bus services or private vehicles link Kalimpong with Siliguri. Within the town, people prefer to walk or use bicycles, two-wheelers or taxis.

Low temperatures

Kalimpong witnesses heavy rainfall in June and July. The winter temperature varies from sub-zero levels to 15°. The maximum summer temperature can go up to 30°C. Although the best time to visit is March to May, Kalimpong can be visited throughout the year, except at the peak of the monsoon. The families will need reasonably good protection against cold. They can check for the best thermal wear in India via online shopping and equip all members with sufficient protection to ensure that they can move around freely.

How to go outdoor camping in the cold winter season

Most of people envision spending the cold winter season with the warm beverage in front of roaring fire with a good book. But, you do not have to spend the winter season limiting yourself to the indoors in your house. The outdoor pursuits such as winter camping will also offer you subdued sounds, solitude, the crunch of snow and ice beneath your feet and an amazing clarity in the blue sky. Getting this incredible experience is not so easy, but with the right equipment and good preparations will help you in enjoying your experience outdoors in this season.

The first and most important thing, which you should consider, when you are planning a primitive camping or cross-country ski expedition or an afternoon hike is the winter clothing. Most of the people who live in the area where winter season is intense are layered winter clothing. This is very important in winter season as the multiple layers of winter clothing create the air pockets, which help in keeping the body warm and prevent the heavy clothing to weigh you down.

pure wool thermal for men

The layers of winter clothing for both men and women when going outdoors

  1. For the first layer of clothing, you need to wear insulated garments, which are specially designed for wearing next to the skin. For that, you can purchase pure wool thermal for men and women. The next layers can be of flannel, fleece or wool, and then you can wear the outer layer of clothing.

  2. You can wear ski pants or gaiters for keeping the snow out of the boots.

  3. It is a known a fact that mittens are warmer than the gloves. To prevent the loss, you can attach the mittens to the coats. When you require the additional dexterity to perform any task, you can wear gloves underneath.

  4. Headgears are very important in winter season. This is because you can lose more than 70% of the heat through your head. You should also use face masks for the prevention of the trouble in the windy conditions outdoor.

  5. For the protection of your feet in winter outdoors, you should wear many layers of the socks. The layers of socks should start with a thin wicking sock, which is next to the skin and should be followed with 1 or 2 wool blend socks.

  6. You should use mukluks books or Army surplus insulated boots, which are available in the market.

Before going for winter camping, you can acclimatize your body with some day long trips during the winter season. Once you feel comfortable outdoors in the winters, you can start planning for camping. There are many necessary types of equipment you need to take such as sleeping bag, tent, etc. You need to make sure when you are purchasing them, that they are specially designed for winter use. In addition to that, you also require the extra room for the gear you need to carry in the winter season. You will also require the whisk broom for brushing off the snow from your own person.

What is the best form of winter wear?

Protection from the cold and chilly winds is one of the most top most priorities during the winter months. In order to ensure that you have enough amount of protection from the weather, you need to have sufficient amount of winter wardrobe in your kitchen. One would need to have sufficient amount of winter wears to fight the cold effectively. A few points are there for you to consider when you purchase winter wear. They need to be presentable, and moreover, make a strong fashion statement as well. They should provide you with enough amounts of warmth and protection from the cold temperatures outside.

There is a wrong notion that protection from winter means that you need to cover your body with sufficient layers of clothes. With thermal wear, one would not need to wear many layers of woolen when you step outside your house. Thermal wear is a type of wear which is worn next to the skin, and keeps your body warm by trapping the heat produced by the body within. With heat not being radiated out of the body, it remains warm as long as you wearing thermal wear. It is very comfortable to wear as it stretches the movement of the body. The inner side of the thermal wear is modeled with fleece, and hence no form of irritation is caused on the skin. They are available in long sleeves as well as sleeveless designs. It is up to an individual on what they prefer. If your choice is dresses like skirts, then short sleeves will work best for you. But, if you are looking for maximum amount of protection, then long sleeves will work best for you.

47_winter waer

Thermal wear is available in natural and synthetic materials. Materials like cotton or wool offer you the best form of protection against the chilly temperatures. Over the cotton based fibers, the synthetic ones have a distinct advantage of sorts. The cotton ones are known to absorb heat that makes you cold, but the synthetic ones spread over a wider area. But some people are allergic to them, so it does not find that much prominence.

No doubts to the fact that the emergence of thermal wear has left the traditional form of pyjamas far behind. A testimony to this fact is that the women thermal wear online India attracts a huge inflow of customers. You need to do an orderly research of the various shopping websites because the terms as well as the conditions of each of them tend to differ. The beauty of online shopping is that you can find a product of your choice without wasting much of a time. One need not hop from one store to another in the hope of finding out the best deal. All you need to do is to click the mouse and lookout for the best in terms of deals. All this is done by not venturing out of your home.

A peaceful experience of a lifetime in Mcleodganj

When you get tired from the hectic and busy life of city, you need to relax and spend some time in the lap of nature where you could get plenty of peaceful moments with your family and loved ones. If you want to spend one such vacation, the hills stations offer you great choice for that. There are plenty of hill stations in India, which offer great biodiversity along with picturesque natural sceneries, serene environments and surroundings. One such hill station is Mcleodganj.

Mcleodganj is a small suburb situated in Dharamshala in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is mainly famous for being the residence of Tibetan political and religious leader His holiness Dalai Lama. It is a great attraction for tourists from all over India and world. It can be great place for those who have interest in learning about the Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy. There are several Buddhists monasteries where you can learn a lot about Tibetan Buddhism. Here are some of the places you can visit while you are in Mcleodganj.


TSung-la-khag Temple

It is the office and residence place of great Dalai Lama. It is place with a lot of statues of Buddha and bodhisattvas. It is a place a great sense of peace and a premier place for those who have interest in learning about Tibetan Buddhism.

Bhagsu-Nag Temple

This temple is centuries old and was built by King Bhagsu. It is a temple dedicated to Hindu god, Lord Shiva. IF you are in Mcleodganj, you must visit this temple for its beauty and the beautiful marketplace outside the temple. The temple also has a small pool which is filled with chilled and running water.


Bhagsu-Nag waterfall

At a distance of around 1 KM from Bhagsu Nag temple, is situated the Bhagsu Nag waterfall. It is one of the greatest attractions for tourists in Mcleodganj. In summers, it is a big waterfall with running water and in winter, the waterfalls freezes giving a magnificent view. You can enjoy a great tie near the fall.

Dal Lake

Dal Lake is another natural marvel of Mcleodganj. It is a serene water body surrounded by tall deodar trees. Those who visit this place in search of peace and natural beauty, the Dal Lake is the perfect place for them.



Triund is a camping ground which is situated at the higher elevations in Mcleodganj. It is a premier place for those who search adventure and thrill. It is nice place for an overnight camping, mountain hiking and climbing, and mountain biking and other adventure sports. From here, you can have magnificent view of the snow capped peaks of Dhauladhar mountain range.

Keep in mind that while on your trip to Mcleodganj, you must pack some winter clothes as the climate here is frigid, even in summers. Some cotton thermals men along with some winter jackets would be good to take with you while heading for Mcleodganj.

An effective measure against biting cold

Although it may be cold enough for people to keep wishing that they could stay put within the cozy warmth of the home, they have to move out and often for long hours in the harsh winter months. Young and old students have to go to school or college, adults have go from place to place in pursuance of their work and housewives, who have to keep the home filled with the required goods, have to go out and keep getting them. So, howsoever, chilly the conditions may be, everyone has to go out and face them.

Effective and comfortable

One of the best ways to counter the cold weather without being in any way hampered by it is the use of thermal underwear. This is a comparatively recent development and is pretty effective as also very comfortable to use. Thermal wear materials usually have the box weave to ensure a good insulating effect and a snug fit. The double-ply or triple-layer thermal wear is made of cotton, polyester, fleece, wool, flannel or other material. Vests, trousers, one-piece suit, and inner liners for caps and socks are made of such material and worn as snug body-fitting garments as inner wear. They prove to be quite effective in protecting people from cold. And they do not over-burden the wearer. They can be used while sleeping too.

Thin and flexible

Thermal wear is flexible, snug fit and thin. It does not make any movement difficult. It is more useful in icy and windy conditions. It also draws away the perspiration, if any, and keeps them comfortable. Runners and bikers can have special inner wear designed for them. Thermal tops are similar to long-sleeved shirts. Their wrists limit the airflow through the sleeves. Thermal bottoms follow to the design of men’s underwear.


Bright colors

Thermals are used as an inside garments. They are usually made of simple white, off-white, or grey material. Their design too is basic and simple. But more and more variety is now being offered in men’s thermals too. Darker color garments have made an appearance. They are now available in navy blue and black colors. Red thermals too are now on offer. Bright colors and fashion are now becoming common in thermal wear for men.

Selection criterion

The selection of right-sized thermal wear is important. If it becomes too tight, it can hamper body movement and become uncomfortable. Cotton thermal wear shrinks by a small extent and this plays a role in the size selection.

Keen competition

Online shops now offer a wide variety of thermal wear for men manufactured by an innumerable number of brands. With so many big players in the online trading business now, there is a keen competition and there are alluring offers of discounts. Reasonably good thermal tops or trousers are now available around Rs600. Online shops usually offer free delivery within five or six days and convenient payment options like net banking, cash on delivery, or credit or debit card.

Some complaints

However, there have been some complaints against the quality of stitching and the capacity to keep cold away of thermal wear being sold by many online shops. The new buyers should find out the facts about these before deciding on the purchase of their thermal wear items.

When only thermal wear can help

Some parts of the country are still in the grip of an intense cold wave. Some regions have gone through the period of their lowest temperatures of the year. In some regions, the temperatures could go down further and stay there for long. The Himalayan states experience very harsh winters with temperatures going down to minus 25 to 30 degree Celsius. Many regions remain at sub-zero temperatures for months.  Going out becomes a tough task. While people in the southern states and Maharashtra do not have to usually face temperatures lower than 15 degree Celsius for more than a week at the most, many other states have cold winters with temperatures falling close to the freezing point and remaining in single digit for weeks.

Harsh winters

While the people in the southern states of the country and Maharashtra do not need anything more than a sweater to protect themselves from cold, people in cold regions need everything they can get. They need woollen clothes, caps, socks, shawls. The woollen clothes include warm trousers, coats, sweaters and jackets. But in many regions, where the temperature dips to below 20 degree Celsius and stays around there for months, even these woollens will not be enough. People have to get something more effective.

thermals for men online India

Work cannot stop

Whatever the temperature, men in these regions have to go about their routine in those freezing temperatures, which are often accompanied by chilly winds, snow and rain. These men can stay put in homes for a day or two, but then they have to get out and perform their jobs. They cannot carry the kangri full of glowing embers everywhere they go on work. They need something more convenient. Thermal wear is the right solution for such people.

Inner liners

Thermal wear is a set of snugly fitting inner wear. It includes a long-sleeved shirt, pants, and liners for socks and caps. These keep the person warm.  They enable the people to go about their work without having to be encumbered by thick, heavy woollen coats. All thermal wear is made from a double-ply fabric. The fabric could be wool, cotton, fleece, acrylic, or polyester. It could be a combination of any two of these. The thin plies work like two layers of clothing, with the insulating air between them resisting a temperature change. Thus they prevent the body heat from escaping.

Better availability

The availability of thermals for men online India is excellent and improving every year. Many brands are now in the fray. There is some variety now available in thermal wear. This is stark contrast to just a few years back when there would be only a set or two available in stores. Now people can get thermal wear in many colours and designs. Thermal vests and thermal trousers are now marketed in many textures and sizes. Many brands have introduced their thermal wear in recent years. To make their products popular, the companies and the online trading houses offer many discounts and festival offers. Thermal wear prices vary from around Rs500 to Rs5000 per vest or trousers.

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