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The best way to stay warm and stylish during cold days

Women are always conscious about their style and looks, and when it comes to winter wear, they get even more confuse in choosing the right one. The problem with winter wear is that if you choose the wrong clothing, you look like a stuffed toy wearing a winter cloth. One viable solution for this problem is to choose light weight but warm winter clothing that does not make you a teddy bear. Here are some tips for you to use in winters to look stylish and stay warm.

First of all, you should understand that you have to layer your clothing so that you could get the best protection from cold. The best thing about layering is that you do not look stuffed when put on several layers of thin clothing.

When layering winter clothes, there are basically three layers of clothing that you must wear viz. inner or wicking layer, middle or insulation layer and outer or protective layer. The inner layer is the one that is responsible for providing you warmth as well as absorb the sweat from your body during physical activities. Thermal wear such as woollen or cotton thermals for women is the best option for inner layer of winter clothing as they are the best for providing extra warmth as well as they are good in absorbing moisture. As the inner layer is worn just next to the skin, you must make sure that the fabric used for making thermal wear is safe for skin. Most of the thermal wears are made from a blend of cotton and wool, which are soft and safe for kin. The best thing about thermal wear is that they provide you the best level of warmth but are very thin.


The next layer of clothing is the middle or insulating layer. The job of this layer is to provide insulation to the body from the cold outside. A nice sweater can be the best option for middle layer. Sweaters are available in many different designs and styles. Sweaters nowadays are made from processed wool, which is very thin and lightweight but provides you equal amount of warmth as compared to the wool used in the past. The best option would be to buy a cashmere sweater as it is soft and very lightweight.

The next layer is the outer or protective layer of winter clothing. The protective layer is responsible for providing protection from the elements of weather such as snow, wind and rain; hence the material for the outer layer must be water and wind resistant. A nice over coat or a jacket would be the best option for the outer protective layer. Also, make sure that the outer layer is breathable enough so that the moisture from the body could easily escape from the body.

Apart from that, you also use accessories like winter caps, scarves, gloves and socks to add extra style to your looks.


Of beauty, Wildlife and Adventure

The Chikhaldara hill station is situated at an altitude of 1,118 meters in Gavilgarh range of the Satpura in Maharashtra’s Amravati district. It is a region of undulating hills, dense forests, deep blue valleys, cascading waterfalls during the monsoon and floating mist. It overflows with natural beauty, captivating waterfalls, cool mountain breeze and lovely lakes. The Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary has panthers, sloth bear, sambar, wild boar, flying squirrel, mouse deer, porcupine and wild dogs. The 1677-square-km Melghat Tiger Reserve nearby has deciduous forests and 650 species of animals including over 82 tigers, chital, barking dear, chinkara, gaur, turtle, snakes, lizards, and fishes. The hill station is home to colorful birds like magpie, barbet, and oriole.

Coffee plantation

Chikhaldara is the sole hill station in Maharashtra with coffee plantation, which has their special charm. The coffee shrub is usually grown in the shade of tall trees. The overall result is a green haven. The aroma of coffee permeates the air. Visitors can go around the coffee processing plant as well. Chikhaldara is ideal for adventure sports like trekking to Melghat, Jungle safari, water sports in Shakkar Lake, rock climbing and paragliding, para-motoring and para-winching.


Gavilgad ruins

The Gavilgad forts nearby was built in 1425 by Bahmani rulers. Gond Kings controlled it later. Its ruins have some beautifully carved idols and sculptures. These are believed to have been carved during the regime of the Nizams. The fort has 10 cannons, made of iron, copper and brass. It also has two water reservoirs. Gavilgad is often shrouded in mist. It has a mythical connection. It is mentioned in the epic Mahabharata as the place where Bheema killed Keechaka during a bout and threw him into the valley. That is why it was called Keechakadara. From it came the present name: Chikhaldara.


Panoramic views

Many point in and around Chikhaldara provide magnificent panoramic views. These include the Devi Point, Prospect Point and the Hurricane Point. Bhimkund, 1.5 km away, is said to be the pond where Bheema washed his hands after killing Keechaka. Among other interesting places are Bakadari and Kalalkund ridges, Hariken Point, Sunset Point, and Panchbol Point, where five hills join together. Panchbol Point is interesting because here the visitors can here five echoes of their voice.

How to reach Chikhaldara

The nearest airport is Akola (150 km) and the next Nagpur (230 km). The Akola has no regular flights at present. The nearest railway station is Badnera, 110 km away. Chikhaldara is well connected by road to Paratwada, Amravati, Akola, Betul, and Khandwa. The state buses run regular services from Nagpur to Chikhaldara.

Moderate temperatures

The Chikhaldara temperatures do not rise too high or fall too low. The summer temperatures are moderate, with a maximum of 39°C. The Chikhaldara is a great experience in the monsoon. It has an annual rainfall of 154cm. The rain transforms the atmosphere into something very pleasing. The winter temperature can drop to as low as 5°C. The best season for a visit is October to June. Families visiting the place in winter need some winter wear. Women members, who need it, can buy plus size thermal wear women online for the trip.

Shimla- An ideal destination for tourists

Known as the Queen of the hills, Shimla is one of the most popular and renowned hill stations all throughout the year where people go and enjoy their vacation. This is because the place has one of the best climates and has lot of breath taking sceneries in India. When planning for a perfect vacation, Shimla is one of the most preferred destinations all over the country. One of the best places in Shimla is the Mall road, which is one of the most leisure and business places all over Shimla. The mall also has boutiques, restaurants along with bars, which attract the attention of the locals along with the tourists.

As it provides relief from the scorching temperatures of the summer, Shimla is the perfect destination for tourists all round the summer. But now with the winter adventure months, it is also one of the favorite destinations for the winter tourists when the temperatures go down to below zero degree Celsius. The winter season especially marks the onset of the festive season, which is enhanced by the vacation in the hill station of Shimla.


If you love snow along with snowfall in the winter season, Shimla is the best location to visit during the Christmas and New year, as it enjoys one of the highest amount of snowfalls in the country. In addition to this, you can enjoy a host of outdoor activities like ice skating, hockey, etc. But before setting out on vacation, the people can purchase the necessary clothes for the protection of their body such as thermal wear for women online, which tends to top the popularity charts. Some of the enhancing tourist spots in Shimla are as follows.

  • The Ridge- is one of the popular tourist destinations in Shimla. Located in the centre of the city, it has an open space, which provides the best panorama of various mountain ranges. Some of the best colonial buildings like the Gothic structure of the Christ church is a must see experience. One can browse lot of old books in the library, which are perfectly preserved.


  • Lakka Bazar- Lakka Bazar is a fantastic place when you want to shop for wood crafts or any form of souvenirs, which are manufactured by the local people. This bazaar is located near the Ridge.


  • Jakko Hill- If you are walking at the mall, you will see a road going up and if you go down further on this road, it leads to the highest peak where one can view the whole town. It is known as the Jakoo Hill, and it is one of the famous points of the city. The peak of the Hill is crowned with a temple, which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The peak provides an opportunity for the trekkers who can trek in its narrow paths along with roads.

In addition, there are many other places to visit, which are surely to make your holidays memorable.

Purewool Thermal wear for women

Winter thermal wear protects the skin. This second skin must be trendy as well. Not just a la mode one ought to feel great in that wear. The woolen thermal wear incorporates coat, cardigans, sweater, woolen attire, and calfskin apparel, of other sweat materials, socks of distinctive qualities, tops and gloves. The Women Pure wool Thermal incorporates underpants of sweat materials from diverse organizations and brands. Woolen-wear.in fulfills everything the needs. This organization guarantees free delivering, 100% item ensure, the accumulation incorporates items and plans for ladies of each age concentrating on materials of best quality.


Ladies woolies – The Women Pure wool Thermal incorporates,

Ladies coat

Winter combos for women

Thermal wear for ladies

Winter gloves of shifted examples

Horde winter socks

Various winter tops

Ladies coats These Women Pure wool Thermal are light weight articles of clothing chic and simple to wear. These light weight materials are warm in icy climate. These coats are accessible in different plans and style, half sleeved, full sleeved in different hues, outlines, fabric and styles. These are styled by hides and zippers and warm coating to give the best style.

There is something lazy and crippling about the chilly, right? You move slower, you stop all the more frequently to blow staring you in the face and extend to persuade your blood into improving. Amid the winter months, individuals regularly eat more, put on weight, rest for more periods, and feel lazier in general.If, be that as it may, you had pleasant cushy material keeping all the warmth closer to your skin, you could maintain a strategic distance from huge numbers of these difficulties.

Women Pure wool Thermal – The ladies woolen thermal wear is body hotter. These classifications incorporate, winter gloves and socks- Not just the body wears, the gloves and the frill are additionally chic. It is expected to keep the hands and feet warm as well. The things in this class are,

Adorn yourselves- The winter season is for style and nothing is finished without well extras exceptionally the ladies woolen thermal. Tops and suppressors are of the most essential part while styling in the winter. These two items can adapt a straightforward look and change the getup altogether. The distinctive types of the tops are of wools and other warm materials, Bargains for the season- The store offers different arrangements on the woolen wear in this season, on the harvest time winter accumulations on the ladies’ wear moreover. The store additionally has offers on different things showed, some containing blessing vouchers and some refund on couple of items or some free offers.

Super Foods You Ought To Try – Stay Fighting Fit This Winter

Foodies love junk food and frequent piling on it results in obesity and innumerable problems in line. However, a simple shift of 360° is capable of liberating you from all the woes and worries. Organic foods play a vital role in stabilizing various health aspects and you ought to try these super foods this winter to stay fighting fit. It is as vital as you buy cotton thermals women can wear as a base layer during the winter. Every sensible act delivers outstanding results. In fact, bringing the shift you deserve is quite undemanding. All you need to do is think out of the box and make a few meager changes in your lifestyle. Super foods like mushrooms and garlic are easily available and integrating them into your lifestyle does not drill a hole in your pocket. However, advantages offered by them are unparalleled.



Rethink if mushrooms are a part of delicacy you try occasionally when dining out. You might be missing a wonderful gateway to stay healthy. Mushrooms are known since centuries of years and mushroom cultivation definitely is an in-demand business. It comes with natural immunity booster elements. Regular consumption of mushroom results in improved efficiency of WBC of blood. These killer blood cells play the vital role in defending your body from infections. Various ways of integrating mushrooms in your diet make it sweet and simple. In fact, culinary today has innumerable recipes of using mushroom in the diet. Be sure to add mushrooms at least in one meal and enjoy significant difference this winter. Well, eating mushrooms is much better than suffering from the common cold as well as fever during the winter.


Garlic is one of an essential ingredients of our lifestyle. However, a percentage of consumption of garlic is meager. Nevertheless, adding garlic in your diet makes a huge sense as it comes with medicinal properties. Natural ingredients of garlic are known to enhance the secretion of enzymes necessary for detoxification of blood. In addition, various ways of consuming garlic are available. A Strong odor of garlic could make a few irate, however, smelling a garlic bud often during running nose condition offers excellent recovery. This organic food has the capability to keep you away from all the common woes and worries of the winter and live a healthy and content life. Adding garlic to your lifestyle is easy and you can always choose any best method if you are not comfortable with the strong odor when eaten raw.

Amazing organic superfoods available around us have capacities to help you stay fighting fit throughout the winter and rest of the months of the year. A simple yet intuitive shift of dynamism helps you to enjoy timeless advantages and it opens a gateway to healthy lifestyle. Integrating these super foods into your diet is always undemanding as far as the pricing and availability are concerned. Therefore, be sure to twist your food habits a bit and integrate organic super foods in your diet especially during the winter. It has more sense than you expect.

Fascinating holiday destinations of India

India is home to many fascinating places which are spread across the country. These tourist destinations attract millions of tourists every year from all parts of the world. Most of the holiday spots in the country are well connected by roadways and railway stations. You can easily travel to any of the holiday spots and enjoy your vacation with your family. Let us see some of the nature friendly holiday spots of the country in this list.


Agra: Agra tourism can never be finished without the notice of the Taj Mahal, called one of the miracles of the world. Other than Taj Mahal, there is Fatehpur Sikri and Agra forts which are very popular with the numerous tourists coming to this place. On account of various gardens and parks fabricated by Mughals in fourteenth and fifteenth century Agra is effectively the city that nature loving tourists can look forward to. Like Kerala Eco Tours, Agra too has a few green spots to see.

Kerala: Kerala eco visits are effectively the most renowned of the package as it offers an extensive variety of spots to see. The backwaters look ethereal when the brilliant sparkle of daylight kisses its surface and to top it are a large number of coconut trees that line up the spot. Yet, coconut and backwaters are not by any means the only highlight of Kerala Eco Tours. Like Agra tourism guide Kerala has much to offer as far as landmarks of chronicled significance. It is the ideal place for spiritual tourism and also for people interested in Ayurveda. Nowhere else in the country will you get to see so much greenery spread across the whole state. If you are planning a holiday in winter to Kerala, you should take good sweaters and jackets to keep yourself warm. You can now get these winter clothes and thermal wear for girls and boys at various online stores.

Corbett National Park: This national park is the pride of India. Tigers, elephants, panthers and different creatures in their natural habitat will leave you mesmerised. However, the draw of Corbett does not end only here; there is Gajria sanctuary and the Corbett waterfall to see. In this manner, it is fitting that on the off chance that you come here, you must make a point to stay for a day or two in order to see every one of these spots. You should book your accommodation in advance if you plan to visit this spot during the holiday season.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands: This is the flawless domain totally untouched by ill effects of human development. Perfect for lazing on shorelines or to just make a go at walking in the sun and absorb the natural life and woodlands, this spot is again an absolute necessity visit. You will never forget your holiday tour in this island. It will become an unforgettable experience for your family.

Smart Living – It Begins With You When You Are Up To It

Smart living is one way of living. It comes loaded with many benefits. Shedding the mundane off your life is always an amazing interface and it truly offers the transformation of futile values, acts, and outcomes. Therefore, switch to smart living as it begins with you only when you are up to it. Well, it may make others jealous but it is worth it. In fact, relying on tips and sharing by others is also a great way to entail the goodness of smart living to the fullest. The interface is amazing and indeed is rewarding as wearing thermal wear for ladies during the winter. Therefore, be sure to enjoy exotic moments full of excitement and privileges with a simple switch over of attitude. It certainly is worth it.


Barter – Trade – Earn Your Rewards

Unlike the earlier days, customer indeed is king and you as a customer have unlimited powers. The only concern is when you are unable to spot them and use in time. For an example, you need assistance of various service providers like carpenters, plumbers, carpet cleaners, and many professionals from different trades. A smart idea says you can trade a deal with them. Simply speaking, they often offer more discounts against your referrals. Well, your word of referral indeed has a potential to earn for you. Discounts are always handsome especially when you earn them smartly.

Parties – Do You Spend Or Save?

Birthday bashes, other special occasions, and events are a common part of our life. However, there are two ways of doing it. In the first way, you go with the burst, spend a fortune, and then spend next few months in figuring ways for cutting down costs to stabilize budget. The other way helps you in throwing a mega bash and then enjoy it to the most in a relaxed manner. The difference lies in the approach. Special events are exorbitantly costly. Therefore, throw a grand bash at your home and spend generously although it is far lesser than otherwise you would have spent on a special event. Act smart when you ought to and enjoy the financial liberation you deserve.

Awesome Savings Walk Your Way When Everything Is At Its Slowest Pace

Sales reps are desperate to crack a deal when the sales goes down and in turn, it is an opportunity to haggle for some great deals. Well, it applies virtually to every trade and amazingly, the returns are rewarding too. Moreover, all you need to do is find the perfect spot when the heat of the action slows down. It is simple anyways and applying commonsense to rational explanation of events come handy in figuring out the perfect spot to lurk in for the greatest deal every day.

Amazing wonders are possible with the premium blend of pragmatic approach, commonsense, and understanding the vibe of the market. Results are amazing and in turn rewarding too. Being smarter is always prettier and it helps you in enjoying the ultimate control at its fullest benefits. Stay ahead of all and grab your piece of pie if you are up to it.

Climate and seasons in India

India is one of the biggest countries in the world in terms of area as well as population. When you paint with a broad brush, the average climate of India is said to be of tropical monsoon type. This though does not take into variation that range from the alpine climate in the Himalayan region in the north to the tropical climate in the south. In the west, there is a vast stretch desert known as Thar while the east of the country boosts of plenty of flora and fauna and receives heavy amount of rainfall.

The Himalayas are the highest mountain ranges in the world. In fact, they protect the country from the cold Siberian winds from the north and bring rain every year by capturing the monsoon clouds. The seas in the south of the country keep the coastal areas warm throughout the year. This makes them attractive places to visit whereas in the northern part of the country tends to be quiet chilly during the winter time of the year. One needs to be properly protected in terms of clothing and this is all the more so when it comes to women and kids. You do not want to be victims of cold as well as flu at the earliest possible juncture. In this regard, ladies thermal wear online would be a great option as not only from the outside you are protected from inside as well.



The winter season is comparatively on the shorter side in India. Though the chill starts in mid November, the winter in essence lasts for 2 months only, January and February. During this time of the year, the temperature all over the country does not fall below 22 degree Celsius. This is in complete contrast to the northern part of the country where the average temperature touches around 6 degree Celsius.


This is followed by the summer season when the temperature starts to increase. By the end of May, the northern planes are left scorching under average temperatures of 45 degree Celsius. This season lasts from March till the month of May. This is characterized by low pressure in the north and thunder storms in West Bengal and on the western coasts.

Though the tourism industry is open round all the year, certain months are mild for visiting the country. The winters in the country can be best enjoyed during the months from November to March. In mid March, the summer is about to set in. One can notice the weather changing on a drastic basis from the mid of March. The weather after this period is warm and certain parts of the country are victims of heat waves.

Leverage yourself with best of the adventure this winter

In the contemporary world as winters approaches people start thinking about their vacation and other fun times life has got to offer. People from all over the world are always waiting for the winter to begin, so that they can go out and enjoy best of the weather in either Himalayan region of the country or in the southern parts of the country on the sandy and wonderful beaches of Goa and coastal towns and cities. By the natures’ grace, India has been gifted with most of the exotic and stunning landscape to enjoy vacations and holidays. Millions of tourists from all over the world travel to India every year to fulfill their hunger for various adventure sports and see the majestic and stunning picturesque of the country. So here we are going to tell you about some of the thrilling activities and places where you can perform these activities in the country.

  • Trekking: Our country houses one of the highest mountains in the world and that makes it a perfect place for trekking and mountaineering in the world. Last year almost 5 lacs trekkers and mountaineers traveled to India for trekking and mountaineering. Kullu and Manali region of Himachal Pradesh is one of the best and safest treks. So plan your trek and leverage yourself with best of thrill and fun, and ladies do not forget to buy ladies thermal wear online because it would very cold out there in the midst of frozen valleys and mountains.


  • Long walks: This is going to be the craziest thing to do in the midst of frozen valleys and snowcapped mountains, but it will fill you with the utmost fun. So do not forget to try out this during your visit to one of the coolest places in the country this winter vacation.
  • Ice Skiing: Gulmarg and Auli are the best places for the ice skiing in the country and every year huge numbers of tourists travel to these parts of the country for ice-skiing and other winter sports.
  • Biking: In the contemporary India, ever youth of the country is striving to have a bike trip to the highest mountains valleys in the country like bike trip to Leh from Delhi and Leh to Manali and from Sikkim to Tawang. So the best time for the bike trips to these high mountains are other than the months of winter season because during winters, these regions receive heavy snowfall and all the roads get blocked due to huge mass of snow.

Try out them this winter and see how much wonderful you are going to feel.

Fits Perfectly and Keep The Body Warm

Thermal wears are mostly needed during the winters. It is a kind of saviors for most of us in a cold and damp weather. Yes, wearing lot of clothes with an oversized jacket or a grumpy pull over is so back dated now. Today, people want to stay warm in winter but in such a way that they do not want to show that they have worn something warm on their body. That is where, the trendy thermal wears step in.


They are soft and trendy and too much stylish that one can even go out wearing thermals only.

If one wants to buy a women thermal wear, they need to understand some basic things. They need to know what varieties of material that a thermal wear has to offer its customers and which are easily available in the market or on online websites. Yes, they do come in variety of fabrics like wool, cotton, acrylic and Lycra. There are some available which has an assortment of fabric blends. But whatever the fabric is, all the thermal wears that are made for women are very light weighted.

Most of the thermal wears that are available are soft to the skin and also available in different vibrant colors so that they do not look dull when worn. But yes, the difference in fabric keeps you in a fix on what to buy and what not. Well, one can easily get over this dilemma by knowing which fabric is favorable in what weather condition. Then, it becomes easy for them to choose the fabric type too.

The types and the purposes

In most of the cases, thermal inner wears serve only one purpose. That is to beat the cold and keep it away from the human body, keeping them warm. Those thermals which are mainly made of fine woolen fabrics are soft but are meant for places which face a really cold and damp weather during winters. The lower the temperature, the more perfect are the woolen inners for the women living there. It is also good for them who stay most outside their house due to outdoor works and are exposed to the chilled weather more.

But in case of tropical places, where winter is not so chilled but just a blow of cold wind, a cotton based thermal or an acrylic based inner wear is perfect for them. These thermal inner wears are also soft and have a lower heat retaining capacity than the woolen one. So these inner wears are less warm than them. Cottons are soft and are very good for the sensible skin; but when one is choosing an acrylic or the Lycra based thermal wears, they should test it whether they are allergic to the material or not while buying them.

Thus, thermal inner wears have become a very trendy and fashionable style statement during winters as one can easily flaunt them as they look good and fit a body perfectly. They have vibrant looks and keep the body warm as well.


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