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Stay Warm And Enjoy Your Winter

When winter is round the corner, you start off thinking about the layering which you need to wear beneath your clothes to save yourself from cold. If the layering is proper and warm enough, you can fight back all the harsh weather conditions, no matter how cold and chilled it is.

When you think of thermal inner wears, it is good to know that there are actually three parts to it. There is a base layer, the insulation layer and finally the outer layer, which provides protection. From all the above tree types, the base layer is the most important. If you are not right at the base, then you go wrong all the way. That is why choosing the right thermal inner wear is the most important thing.


There are different types of fabrics which are used in thermal inner wear. Each has advantages and negative effects of their own.

  • Thermal wear made of synthetic fabrics: In a winter season, the thermal wears made of synthetic fabrics are perfect as the base layers. This is because this synthetic material is made with a mixture of nylon, spandex, Lycra and polyester. That is why they form a perfect combination which prevents cold to hit the body and also maintains a perfect balance of moisture retention in the body. As a result, these synthetic made thermal wears make a good inner wear when it comes to keeping a body warm in a cold weather.
  • Thermal wear made of woolen materials: This is the softest material which is used to make a thermal wear. The finer the wool fabric is, the softer and the lighter the thermal wear is. Many people have this common wrong notion that, when it is made of wool, it has to be heavy and will be uncomfortable when worn. This is a completely wrong idea. These woolen thermal wears are perfect when it comes to beat the cold. These thermals made of finer materials are a bit expensive but when it comes to comfort, it gives you the best feeling ever. These thermals retain the heat perfectly, keeping the body warm in a cold weather. It is also very useful in harsh weather conditions. But some have a problem in wearing woolen thermal inner wears as they are allergic to the material.
  • Thermal wear made of cotton fabrics: This is the most commonly available thermal wear. This is because the material which is used to make these thermals are cheaper than the other materials and also have a low heat retention power as compared to the other materials that are used to make thermal wears. That is why they are cheaper. But these thermal wears fit perfectly for people who live in a place, which is not that much cold. They can just wear a thermal wear beneath the dress and go out. There is no need to wear jackets or pullovers.

It is important to know your skin and the weather around you before buying a thermal inner wear.



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