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A guide to the smart layering techniques this winter

Layers are one of the most popular trends this coming winter. They not only present an aura to your look, but also a means to protect yourself from the cold and frigid season. In a way, winter is the perfect time to make a strong case as regards your fashion sense. The challenge in front of you is to have the task of layering without being too much overstuffed. A few stylish layering techniques, which can be practiced during the winter season are-

Winter jackets

You can wear a thermal wear for kids over the denim shirt and a light weight cardigan is the perfect option if you are on the lookout for layering during a rainy day. If spicing up your personality on your mind, then a pair of skinny jeans with high heel booties would be great. To present yourselves with a more stylish look of sorts, you can balance your winter wear with a trench coat or a cardigan. Mini skirt or a pair of skinny jeans would be the best


Sweaters those are light in weight

You can bundle up your sweater to provide the additional layer of warmth. Gone are the days when sweaters resemble a bulky piece of garment, and the modern ones are available in the market that are light in weight. One can wear them with a denim shirt and that will give you a unique look. For having that versatile look, you can place your scarf or spot on a necklace.


No winter season is complete without a proper set of thermals.They are available in wool and cotton and ideally one is protected from the inside as well as the outside. In extreme temperatures of the world, woolen is thermal wear a must. The only loophole associated with thermals of this material is that they are tinged expensive, but they are durable and last from one season to another.


Scarves or stole almost look good with everything. You can pair with a versatile top or a fitted pant as well as trousers. Coupled with a necklace and a pair of leggings, you are bound to look like a supermodel


Do not forget a nice pair of gloves as it will protect your hands from frost bites and the same time one is bound to look elegant.

To sum it up, it is important to understand that each level of layering should be undertaken at a different level. Otherwise it will give you a feeling of bulkiness and you end up looking heavy rather than what is required. In hindsight, you can sparkle up your winter set of clothes by adding a tinge of colors.


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