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Stuck Zippers – Save Yourself From A Run Of A Lifetime

Stuck zippers are a common problem and everyone among us suffers from it sometimes. However, the seriousness of the problem magnifies when you are out there and nothing saves you from the havoc wrecked on you. However, you can certainly fix the problem unless the zipper is wrecked and broken beyond the control. Well, making it work nicely again is as relieving as wearing thermal inners during the chilly cold of winters. Well, commonly the problem of stuck zipper arises due to dirt clogging in it as well as lack of lubrication. You can overcome the problem either by cleaning it thoroughly, which it not possible when you are away from home. However, you can lubricate it to get it going smooth and nice just as it should. Here are some handy tips to lubricate zippers even when you are on the go.


  • Check your purse for lip balm. You are lucky if you have one. Gently rub it on the inside and the outside of the stuck zippers and try to move the runner slowly. It starts to run freely within a few gentle attempts. Lip balm has petroleum jelly in it and it lubricates the zipper inside out relieving you from the problem.
  • Do not worry when you are in the office with a stuck zipper. Get a pencil and rub the graphite lead part on the inside as well as the outside of the stuck zipper. Pull the runner slowly yet firmly and the graphite in the pencil lead works as a savior. Do not forget to rush to washroom with a pencil if pants zipper is stuck.
  • Wax candles are superb lubricants for stuck zipper. You can rub a colorless/clear candle on the zipper to make it run smooth and free from obstruction of any kind. Moreover, you can do it anytime even when the zipper is not stuck. Preventive measures are easy than overcoming the problem amid an embarrassing situation.
  • Even crayons from the art and craft supplies come handy in clearing the stuck zipper. Rub a crayon gently on the inside and outside of the zipper. It lubricates it adequately assuring you to enjoy the goodness of a superbly free zipper. Well, you may need a measly few moments to get the stuck zipper back in action as good as new.

Many simple remedies are available around us and we are sometimes ignorant about them. In fact, various such household items come with immense capacity to solve innumerable problems we suffer from. Therefore, open up to solve everyday problems and simplify errands with these simple to integrate ideas and make the most from them every time you use them. The interface is amazing and it truly becomes a savior when you are in distress. In fact, you can always spend a few minutes once in a month to keep all zippers lubricated instead of waiting them to stuck and then apply the remedy. Preventive measures are always simple than taking corrective actions.


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