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Splinters In The Skin – Pain In The Neck

A splinter in the skin truly is a heck of a pain in the neck. It is tiny to remove and is too painful to ignore. In fact, it hurts badly as it disturbs the sensitive neurons. However, certain methods of removing splinter painlessly are available and they truly come handy in overcoming the problem. Well, you can abuse the skin more by attempting hard ways to remove it. However, you are at a bigger loss then. All you need to do in the beginning is wash the finger clean and pat dry using a paper towel. Be sure to keep it dry as excess moisture may worsen the situation for you. Look at the splinter through a magnifying glass to check if you can pull it right away using a tweezers. Well, it is as wonderful as warmth offered by men thermals when you need it the most. However, here are some ways to deal with the situation if splinter head is not visible from the outside.


  • Apply a drop of glue on the skin with splinter in it. Wait until the glue dries and then peel off from the skin. Splinter sticks to the glue drop and comes out easily if it is not deep. However, the trick fails on deep splinters and you need to apply another trick to get rid of the pesky splinter.
  • Vinegar comes handy in removing deep splinter. Take cupful vinegar and dip your finger in it for about 20 to 30 minutes. The splinter rises above the skin level so you can pluck it using tweezers. The remedy is easy and you can remove the splinter painlessly merely in half an hour.
  • Mix some baking soda with water and apply the paste on the area with splinter in it. You can apply a band-aid on it for enhancing the goodness of the application of the paste. Wait overnight and remove splinter-using tweezers as it protrudes out of the skin surface.
  • Scotch tape and even duct tape comes handy for removing splinters if you can spot the direction of the insertion. Apply the tape for a while and then pull it exactly in the opposite direction of the splinter entry in the skin. The splinter comes out easily along with the tape when you pull it.
  • Keep a small piece of banana peel on the area with splinter in it, apply a band-aid, and wait overnight. The splinter rises above the skin level and it can be plucked using tweezers easily.

These methods come handy in removing splinter and they work every time. However, you need to have patience and ready to wait until the process demands. However, in all cases be sure to wash the affected area using a good soap, pat to dry using a cotton cloth, and apply antibacterial cream as soon as the splinter comes out from the skin. Overcoming the problem is simple when you deal with it aptly and use the right remedy to trounce pesky problems.


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