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Heal Ugly Scratches On Wooden Furniture – Restore It In A Snap

Nicks and scratches on wooden furniture spoil the curb appeal of it and leave you stranded, as you do not have an alternative other than calling for professional wood refinisher to revive the furniture. Well, it turns expensive and indeed burns a hole in the pocket. However, it is worth it considering the priceless furniture and your pride of owning it. Well, there is a median solution to the problem. You can try some DIY remedies to heal these scratches on your own and then look for professional help if things do not work, as they should for you. Various simple household staples come handy during reviving the furniture and you ought to try them just as you try thermal underwear India online stores provide during the winter.

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  • Minor scratches on the finish are repairable using some pantry items. You can rub these scratches using a mixture of vegetable oil, lemon juice, and olive oil. Mix them in a bowl and apply gently using a lint cloth. Make sure to rub in the same direction that of the scratches and they disappear in a flash. This remedy works excellently on small scratches on the finish. However, this method is not convenient for deep scratches.
  • Deep scratches are concealable when you fill them with nutmeat. Rub gently any of the nuts from walnut or almonds on the scratch right in its direction. It heals the scratch by filling it and no one will ever notice it again. Well, the trick comes handy for deep scratches beyond the usual repair methods.
  • Coffee grounds or tea bags work miraculously on small scratches on wooden furniture. Boil some water and add coffee grounds or tea bags to it to make a concoction. Apply the concoction on the scar to make it invisible. However, the trick works excellently only on dark colored furniture.
  • Filling deep scars is easy using a crayon of the same shade as that of the furniture. Simply rub the crayon on the scratch and make it disappear. Perfection of the job depends upon how smartly you pick the right shade of the crayon. Well, usual buffing is more than enough once you fill the scratch completely.
  • Eyebrow pencils and felt tip markers with permanent ink come handy for hiding small marks and scars. Well, you obviously need to match the right shade for excellent effects. Many such everyday items like shoe polish, paint, or even iodine come handy during various needs of revival of the wooden furniture.

Adding flair to everyday tasks is as amazing as saving money when you can. Therefore, be sure to try a remedy or two before you seek professional help to restore scratches on wooden furniture. These remedies are easy to try and many of them are completely reversible. Well, you are not harming the furniture in any way. All you are doing is reviving it on your own. Therefore, get set to add a dash of DIY remedies to wooden furniture and make it smile again.


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