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Snuggle your toddlers in thermal wears

Toddler stage is when the kids are very active and they are ready to explore everything. They are very curious about everything. They will be running all around. So if you think you can make them sit at home then you will be the biggest fool. Winters shouldn’t restrict you from taking your toddler outside. If you cover them properly you as well as your toddler are going to enjoy the winter. You don’t need to worry that they will fall sick. But one thing that you definitely need to take care is to wrap your baby in warm clothes. Once you do that you will be at peace and can enjoy the cool winters. You need to concentrate on layering. This doesn’t mean you need to cover them with so many clothes. The first base layer should be thermals. Now there is thermal wears for toddlers. It is important to know how to dress your toddler. Given below is one way of dressing your toddler this winter.

thermal wears for toddlers

First layering: The first or the base layering is very important as said above. This is the first cloth that going to touch your toddler’s body. It is good to start with thermals. When you choose thermals, the fabric is very important. It is available in cotton, synthetic, acrylic, wool. Wool is the best for winters but sometimes it can cause irritation and rashes to the sensitive skin. So if you want wool then choose merino wool or smart wool which is very soft to the skin and keep the body warm. During winter time it is good to stay away from cotton because they are not moisture resistant and keep the body cold.

Outer layering: After the base layering you can go for a full sleeve t-shirt and on top of that you can make them wear a winter coat or woolen sweater. This should be decided based on the type of winter .If it is extreme cold then the winter coat or outer layer should be thick and well insulated. So dress your toddler according to the change in the winter. Don’t overdress them if the winters are mild. This will make them uncomfortable and cranky. Always keep in mind the kind of activities your toddler will be participating.

Accessories: The winter accessories like hat, gloves and socks are also very important to cover their other sensitive areas. Don’t forget to cover these tiny parts.

Dressing up this way your toddler is ready to face the harsh winters, in fact they are going to enjoy it. You can also look at online stores for thermals. They too have amazing collection with all latest trends which can make your kid comfortable and dry. Explore these online stores if you don’t have sufficient time. Make sure you are getting good quality thermal wear.


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