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Top destination to spend your kid’s winter vacation

Travelling is an integral part of people life in the contemporary world. Even many doctors around the world suggest that travelling very often to new places during the vacation helps to keep you ready for the upcoming challenges, and it also helps people in channelizing their emotional problems. Travelling fills people with new energy to be productive and active in their life. Kids love to travel along their parents, and in the contemporary world, kids prefer travelling to new places rather than visiting their grand parents every vacation.


So, it’s the duty of the parents to make them travel to new places during their vacations. In India, kids get two long vacations in a year, one vacation during a summer and the other during winter. So kids get two places to visit every vacation. Here today we are going to discuss some of the top destinations to visit during summer and winter vacations.

Top summer and winter destinations to visit in India:

  • Nainital: If you live in a region that experiences extreme hot temperature during summer season, then travelling to one of the hill stations would be great option for you and your kids. Nainital is one of the exotic locations you can visit during your kid’s summer vacation. Nainital is situated in the Indian state of Uttrakhand and the mighty mountains of Himalayas surround it. Kids will enjoy a lot during their visit to Nainital during their summer vacations.
  • Leh and Ladakh: During your kids’ summer vacation, plan a trip to Leh and Ladakh and show them the terrace of the world. Leh and Ladakh is one of the highest places in the world. Leh and Ladakh experiences winter season throughout the year and it would extremely cold, so ladies don’t forget to carry your winter thermal for women with you.
  • Jim Corbett National Park: Safari to Jim Corbett National Park is a great destination to visit during the vacations of the children. Children would love to see wild animals so close to them. Jim Corbett National Park is tiger reserve, so you and your child will get to see huge number of tigers in the national park. So book your tickets to the Jim National Park and leverage your children with opportunity to see tigers.
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Andaman and Nicobar Island is situated in the Bay of Bengal Sea on the eastern coast of India. It is one of the most visit islands in India. You can also visit this place during your kids summer or winter vacations.


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