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Top dishes to try this winter

Stay warm this winter season with one of the best winter dishes. People of our country are very fond of preparing and eating various delicious dishes. India is a diverse country, distinct parts of the country has its own specialty and taste when it comes to dishes. Distinct parts of the country have its own ways to prepare to same dish. Same fish curry is prepared by using varied herbs and spices in the distinct parts of the country. Even restaurants of India serves varied dishes from all over the country. In India, you can find varied places to eat to varied dishes like south India restaurant for south India dishes, north Indian restaurant to serve north Indian dishes.

Winter is the best season to discover the real aroma and taste of the seasonal vegetables. These seasonal vegetables keep your warm during the winter season. Chilly winter winds can cause mineral deficiency in the body but by consuming seasonal vegetables you can maintain the proper supply of these minerals in the body. So, today we are going to discuss top dishes to try this winter that will keep your body warm and healthy.


Dishes that will keep your warm this winter:

  • Gajar ka halwa: Gajar halwa is one of the most famous winters special. Huge mass of people loves to eat Gajar ka halwa during the winter season. Gajar ka halwa along with its great, Gajar helps to main the proper level of blood sugar in the body, which is tend to fluctuate during the winter season.
  • Sarson da saag: sarson da saag is the Punjabi special dish. During the winter season you can easily find the sarson da saag in the vegetable market. Sarson da saag is prepared with the help of spinach from the sarson plant. Sarson da saag taste great when served with “makke di roti”. Sarson da saag is the great source of iron, protein and anti-oxidant during the winter season. It helps to keep the body warm for the longer period of time.
  • Rogan Ghosht: Rogan Ghosht is a Kashmiri special dish; it is prepared by the meat of the lamb and with local herbs and spices. Lamb meat keeps the body warm for the longer period of time even in the temperature less than zero during the winter season.

Try out these aromatic winter dishes this winter and leverage yourself with awesome taste along with healthy body. Along with eating, don’t forget to buy winter thermal wear for women and men as it helps you to keep your body insulated from the chilly cold weather.




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