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There Is No Better Way Of Staying Warm…!!!

When the climate turns bitterly cold, wrapping our body with a thick blanket and sipping hot coffee can bring us the most appreciated comfort than anything else….!! You can’t deny it…!! As the days turn colder and the nights become longer, we need to bring out tremendous changes in our wardrobe replacing the summer cotton wear to winter woolen wear. Thermal wear must be given top priority in winter to save ourselves from its biting cold. In this article we bring you all about thermal wear for women in India.



The thermals are aimed at providing comfortable warmth in chilly conditions. They adhere directly to the skin of the wearer. Hence, good care has to be taken in selecting the fabrics of these garments. The fabrics so selected must absorb moisture quickly and shouldn’t result in skin rashes. Here below, different types of women thermals are detailed which can help you to choose the perfect one.

  • Cotton thermals: These thermals can be chosen to provide an additional layer of warmth. They have poor moisture absorbing capacity. Hence, women who prefer to involve in outdoor activities (involving high physical activities) shouldn’t prefer these thermals.
  • Wool thermals: Since ages, wool has stood out as the most preferred winter fabric. It brings out the best warmth possible. It has a high moisture wicking capacity and doesn’t lose its insulating properties even if it is wet. Moreover, it is anti-bacterial and doesn’t result in body odor.
  • Blends: Synthetic fibers have developed beyond anyone’s expectations in the recent past years. Thermals made out from blends of synthetic and natural fibers have turned out to be the preferred choice of many people in the recent past. A blend of spandex, wool and polyester can provide better comfort and warmth.

Factors to Be Considered While Purchasing:

  • Thermals are obtained in a variety of weights. Lighter garments are preferred for activities involving high physical activities. In case of extreme cold conditions, prefer heavier thermals.
  • Alluring patterns and comfortable designs are entering the market with time. Get updated with the latest trends. The decorative aspects must be considered strongly in selecting the thermals.
  • The fit of the thermals should be tight enough to provide appreciable warmth. However, if the fit is too tight, it may arrest the free body movement.

Desirable Features:

Make sure that your thermal wear has the following features.

  • Provide good warmth
  • Skin friendly
  • Comfortable fit
  • High moisture wicking capacity and good breathability

Get Online:

Online shopping is turning out to be preferred choice of many people across the country. The reasons for this could be many. However, topping the list would be the time saved by this kind of shopping the range of products provided by the online stores. The product description can help you choose the best one. Moreover, the prices are truly affordable. Online stores constantly get updated with the changing trends, which is not always possible to the departmental stores. However, care has to be taken regarding few aspects like, the shipping charges, fake reviews etc.



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