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Dish Soap And No-No – Are You Using It Where You Should Not?

Dish soap, the most miraculous product ever invented for simplifying household errands is a favorite of almost every homemaker. It has been used day in and day out and certainly, the growing sales numbers across the country undeniably are a proof of it. In fact, it has become an inevitable part of contemporary lifestyle just as thermal wear for women during the winter. However, there are some places where using a dish soap in either in solid or liquid form is not recommended. Well, you must have been experiencing weird results when you use dish soap where you should not. Therefore, go ahead and use your favorite brand of dish soap, of course while doing dishes only.

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Do Not Let Wonders Turn Into Nightmares

Every product comes with a pre-determined design and application. It is also true about dish soap. Manufacturers formulate it for driving tough dirt away in a splash. However, that does not make dish soap suitable for all cleaning applications. Its composition could create a problem for you when you use it even inadvertently for these cleaning applications. Here are few you ought to avoid in any case.

  • Dishwashers are not designed to take dish soap loaded with high suds forming capacity. Results are dire if you are tempted to add a tad of dish soap when you run out of usual dishwasher cakes in the night. Tremendous suds formation definitely overflows from the dishwasher adding more labor of extra cleaning as well as chances of electrocution. Therefore, do not use dish soap in dishwasher.
  • Using dish soap to clean car could turn into a biggest mistake of your life. Dish soap is harsh for the paint and results in scaling as well as discoloration. Stick to your usual car wash, hose, and microfiber cloth in the usual way.
  • Cleaning windows and glass panes with dish soap leaves lots of streaks no matter how many times you clean it. Well, it will need more time and labor. Ultimately, your favorite window cleaner comes handy in getting rid of the mess.
  • A tad of dish soap and water works wonders in removing a fresh stain off a cloth. However, never ever treat any delicate fabric with dish soap as it may undergo discoloration as well as distortion in fabric consistency. Avoid the temptation of a quick clean and let the garment go to a dry cleaner instead.
  • Use your dish soap in washing machine if you want to make a quick flood of foam. Dish soap certainly is not designed for using in washing machines and it could wreck havoc when you do not need it. Avoid using dish soap in washing machines under all circumstances.

Using everyday products, as they should makes a huge sense and indeed helps you in enjoying seamless benefits. However, many often fail to notice the point and create a mess adding more troubles. Therefore, be smart and not over smart to deal with everyday use products and get the most from them just the way you deserve.


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