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Why wool is so special?

When you buy wool, you support rising of sheep for their fleece rather than for food. Every year a new fleece grows on the back of the sheep, and it can be removed without any sort of harm to the animal.

Environment friendly

When you use woolen products, you support the local farmers throughout the world, especially those who let their sheep graze on the free pastures devoid of pesticides. It is a sustainable resource and the Merino version of it is produced by the use of harmful chemicals. When you process wool, there is minimal amount of impact on the environment when one compares it to the natural and other manmade fabrics.

65_winter wear

Regulates temperature

Merino wool is renowned for its warmth and it is worn centuries by various tribes where there is extreme cold. It keeps you warm when you are cold. One can wear wool up to the coldest of temperatures and still be comfortable. Wool holds dyes faster than other fiber. It is also available in a variety of natural earth tones that require no extra dyes.

Water repellant

A core of the portion of wool is able to absorb its weight in water; the surface of the Merino fabrics has a waxy coating which is known to repel liquids. This layer is not easily removed by washing or any form of processing. The surface of the Merino will bead and roll off instead of being absorbed into the fabric.

In recent times the production of wool has evolved for durability and machine washing. The modern production methods allows wool to be washed without any hiccups

Insulator and long lasting

It is an excellent insulator and has the highest insulation to weight ratios when one compares it to any manmade fabric. New developments in the spinning technology have gone on to produce wool fabric that is 30% lighter than was possible earlier. Merino’s wool can be bent 20000 times without breaking. In comparison to it, cotton will break only 3000 and silk only 2000 times. This means that Merino wool not only lasts longer but retains their appearance for a considerable period of time

So, wool has a fabric has considerable advantages when one compares it to the other forms of clothing. This is the precise reason on why most of us tend to use wool in our winter garments. It is a long lasting investment and the benefits of it are going to stay for a considerable amount of time. Pure wool thermals for men online are popular and in the various shopping websites top the charts. They are available in various sizes and designs.

So buy one at the earliest!


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