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Basic facts about the state of Sikkim

Sikkim is an Indian state, which is located in the Himalayan region. Nepal is towards the west of it, Tibet to the north and Bhutan towards the east of it. West Bengal lies towards the southern part of it. It is the second smallest state in the country after Goa. It has less population, and it has developed over a period of time as a tourist destination. This is because of the culture, scenic beauty and bio diversity of the place. Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim

Sikkim has five seasons mainly, which are winter, rainy, autumn, spring and the summers. All these seasons can be enjoyed during the period between July and September and the climate of this region can be described as temperate climate. In the Himalayan region, there are various altitudes, and hence one will be able to enjoy tropical, frigid and temperate climate in various areas. In the southern part of the region, the climate is sub tropical whereas towards the northern part of it is known as the tundra.

There are regions where there is temperature climate and here the temperatures do not go below 28 degree Celsius. This is the maximum during the summers and in the event of winters the temperature can drop below 0 degree Celsius. From March to May are the summer months, and during this time of the year, if you are planning a vacation, you can enjoy some of the best form of sunshine on your back. In summers, the climate is humid and dry, as it rains most of the time. The emergence of the monsoon is during the month of June and stretches till September where it rains most of the time. It is during the monsoons when you should be careful as the landslides are very common since the state is located in a hilly terrain.


So the obvious fact is that, one has to take adequate form of protection during the winter months in this region. The little ones need to be properly protected from the cold and chilly winds, so thermals for toddlers would not be a bad way to start off things as well. A winter cap would also be an excellent value addition in terms of winter clothing as the maximum amount of heat is lost through the head. Protection and maximum amount of coverage is provided to the head. In fact, caps with straws are there which not only protect your head but ensure that your ears are also protected as well.

Coupled with all these, a nice pair of winter gloves will prevent your hands from getting dry along with frost bites. Consider the comfort aspect when you buy winter gloves.

Plan your winter vacation keeping the mind the climate of the place!


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