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Unveil Mystic Nepal – Learn Ways To Earn Tranquility

Various features and facts of Nepal make it a sensation for worldwide tourists. These features are closely associated with the essentials like mountains, forests, rivers, their conservation, and protection. In fact, Nepal government is very progressive in providing state of the art facilities to tourists as well as excellent protection to these national treasures. However, many such national treasures are unknown to the world and exploring Nepal is the only source to enjoy these bounties of nature. Moreover, discovering these national treasures is quite easy as you always get a cutting-edge advantage with plus size thermal wear mens prefer even when you roam freely in chilly climate. Amazing Nepal has many such secrets and exploring them is astonishing. Here are a few glimpses of what you may miss if you miss a trip to Nepal.


  • Community Forestry Campaign in Nepal is a milestone and indeed offers a breakthrough. In fact, such activities in Nepal are quite prominent and they open various gateways to unleash the true potential of deliverables for tourists. The point worth noticing is coherent initiatives taken in this regard are beneficial on multiple levels.
  • Nepal proudly protects over 19% of the countries surface area through national parks. Special initiatives are taken to protect environment and eco-system and its vital elements. Doing this also opens many avenues to encourage tourism. Moreover, these gateways are precious for stabilizing country’s economy too. The percentage of the occupancy of protected national park in Nepal is much higher than all the countries in the world and that makes Nepal unique and a class apart from all others.
  • Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park is one of the most fascinating destinations. It is situated amid the Kathmandu valley and is a pride of Nepal. It is the ninth national park of the country. In addition to flora and fauna, Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park offers many amazing attractions for tourists. The park indeed is a gateway to paradise on earth. In addition, it is very close to Tribhuvan International Airport as well as Kathmandu, the capital of the country. This in fact, is a plus point as you can take a quick tour to the park and enjoy mesmerizing experience. Moreover, numerous commuting facilities simplify visiting the park.
  • Nepal proudly hosts Everest National Park and Chitwan National Park, the two among the World Heritage Sites. These national parks indeed are an asset and a treasure worth exploring when you are in Nepal. Stunning landscaping and the vivacity of the nature and its elements in these parks certainly contribute wholesomely in offering a never before experience of verve and harmony.

Initiatives in Nepal in multifaceted directions to protect and preserve these national treasures indeed are worth. In fact, it helps to develop a major resource for economy boost. Various allied activities in Nepal turn into tourist attractions and help to unveil the potential of the offerings. The incredible Nepal certainly has everything you seek. It is a perfect home away from home when you need rejuvenation, vivacity, and peace of mind. Well, seclusion and tranquility go hand in hand here.


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