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The Phoenix Arises – Witness The Bravery Beyond The Expressions

25th April of 2015 was a saddening day after the earthquake of 7.8 Richter scale devastated Nepal. Severity of the natural calamity and broken communication created numerous rumors and it in fact, affected the serenity of Nepal greatly. However, within a few hours from the earthquake, Nepal started restoring on war footage. Various attempts were made to rescue people and assets. However, for some time it transformed the way the world looked at Nepal especially from the tourism point of view. Well, you are confident during women purewool thermal online shopping from a reputed store; however, you are not confident to deal with new stores. The same rule applied to tourism in Nepal. However, here are a few facts that need consideration before passing on a judgment. Nepal is rising back like a phoenix from the ashes, debris, distress, and grief.


Loss Is Loss After All

In spite of the calamity, injuries, human casualties, and some impact on the tourism, Nepal is gearing up to revive and serve the guests. There is a cry within inside for the loss of dear ones yet the faces are smiling and the hearts are warm as usual. Some of the facts after the quake in Nepal are

  • Around 11 districts of 75 from Nepal are seriously affected during the earthquake. Reportedly, there were certain structural damages as well as human casualties. However, rescue missions aptly saved many under the debris. Remaining 64 districts are unharmed and are normal after the quake.
  • Nepal has 10 national parks. One among them suffered from the consequences of earthquake. Nevertheless, all the remaining nine national parks are safe and ready to greet visitors. In addition, many travel agencies are equally enthusiast about offering premium grade services to tourists when they visit these national parks.
  • Commuting in Nepal is immaculate and unharmed as all sub highways and national highways are perfectly operational. Thus, the lifeline remains intact and continues to serve just the way it should. Zero damage to these highways is reported and it indeed keeps the gateways to unleash the treasures of the nature open.
  • International and national airports in Nepal are operational and experienced zero damage. Flights are operational yet experiencing more rush these days.
  • Trekking is a premier and preferred activity in Nepal. It has over 35 prominent trekking routes. Merely two out of them have suffered damage due to the earthquake. However, remaining 33 trekking routes are in an immaculate condition and are ready to serve trekkers just the way they should.

Nepal indeed has risen like a phoenix from the ashes and it is ready to welcome the worldwide tourists with same flair as it was before the quake. Moreover, it is a safe holidaying destination as it was. Nevertheless, visiting Nepal after the quake certainly contributes in restoring the economical balance as it supports the living of Nepali people who directly or indirectly are dependent on tourism. Be sure to mark Nepal in your holidaying plan this year and visit Nepal to witness the grandiosity of nature and warm hearts of people here.


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