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Nepal After The Earthquake – Determined Humans Create Wonders

Earthquake of 7.8 on Richter scale is considered serious and impacts are devastating. Earthquake in Nepal on 25 April this year changed the dynamism of the country to some extent. Help on national as well international scales was precious and it offered a priceless gateway to revive. Nepali people are brave heart and Gurakhas are a proof of it. However, handling a calamity of such a magnitude is quite demanding. It is like finding plus size winter wear womens online in India without a computer or internet connectivity. However, the picture of Nepal after the earthquake has lots of colors of aspiration and it truly represents the ability of Nepalese to deal with calamities. In fact, Nepal probably is the only country in the world with zero incidences of communal violence or riots. This country of peace loving people indeed is geared up to serve tourists and guests just the way t before the quake. Here are a few highlights of Nepal after it experienced an earthquake of 7.8 on Richter scale.

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  • Over 90% hotels in Nepal are fully operational and they are serving their guests up to the mark. Hotels in prominent tourist areas like Pokhara, Lumbini, Chitwan, Bardiya, Annapurna Region, Ilam, and Everest Region are perfectly all right and they have not undergone any damage and subsequent restorations. These areas offer excellent connectivity to various national parks, pilgrimage tours, and numerous adventure tourism activities. Do not fret if you are planning to visit Nepal after the quake. It is as normal as it was.
  • Support offered by clinics and hospitals in helping sufferers is superb and as of now, there are no reports of epidemics and diseases after the quake. Life in Nepal is as normal as it should. Moreover, these health support centers are functional and well equipped and stocked with supplies and necessities.
  • Communication, the lifeline of Nepal is intact. Phone, internet, and every other mode of e-communication are working perfectly fine. Thus, staying connected with the rest of the world is easy and seamless as it was in Nepal before the quake.
  • Electronic money processing systems like ATMs, POS card swiping machines, and all other similar utilities are operational. Therefore, your credit card is equally good in Nepal when you want to checkout in hotel or simply buy a souvenir for someone you love.
  • Nepal has 8 sites of UNESCO World Heritage importance. Forty percent damage to four of them has been reported. Restoration of these four sites is in the progress. Your travel agency in Nepal is best at guiding you on how to visit unharmed sites.

25 April this year indeed is unforgettable for many Nepali people for the dire loss. However, Nepal is certainly back in action as far as serving the guests is considered. Holidaying season in Nepal is back now and it offers a chance to witness the superb magnitude of the grandiosity. Spending time in Nepal is loaded with thrill and turns into a mesmerizing experience for everyone due to the vivacity and abundance of choices. Welcome to Nepal, the land waits for you.


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