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Winter Tips for girls who are sports enthusiasts

Gone are the days when sports were limited only to guys. Gone are those days where a girl’s work was to stay home in free time and do the domestic works. Times have changed and definitely for good. We have a sense of equality among the genders now and we must be happy about it. Girls have entered all the fields and sports is just one among them. Girls have been doing so well in sports that they can even beat guys in the game. There are girls who are sports enthusiasts even in the winter. The cold weather and the spine chilling winds can’t stop them from what they want to do. It is good but they must also be aware of the dangers of winter sports and act accordingly. Here are some things to take care of in the winter.

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Fuel up yourself

If you are a girl who is a regular sports person it is necessary for you to have a proper meal before going out for plays. Food with enough calories will provide you the energy you require to face the challenges in the sports. Having food with high nutritional content is going to do great. But they must not eat so much also as to feel heavy and start being lethargic. You must also drink lots and lots of fluid so that you don’t end up in the snow all dehydrated.

Wear for the day

It is winter and it is definitely cold. Staying warm is the unsaid rule of the winter. You need to stay warm enough not to get frozen in the snow. And you are definitely going to need proper clothing which can also aid the kind of sports you are playing. If you are playing a sport which requires a lot of physical work you must always concentrate on keeping the weight of clothes as less as possible. You could cut down few layers if you wear the inner thermal wear of the right material. Thermal wear for girls are easily available but the right choice must be yours.

Know the weather

It is always important for you to know the kind of weather you are stepping into. Winter sports can be really fatal if something in the weather or climate goes wrong. So always be aware and prepared for what you would be getting into.

Gear up aptly

Safety gears can be considered as a boon to human kind. So much can be avoided by wearing the safety gears. Helmet is a must if you are playing a sport which includes speed importantly. Proper gloves and kneecaps must be worn before plunging into the play ground. Always take care of the injuries that might happen to you.

Apart from these you must also be aware that you shouldn’t go alone out in the snow as any danger can harm us at any moment. So it is better if you are prepared. That being said, play safely girls!!!


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