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Winter fashion tips for women

We don’t really have to tell anything to women about fashion. They have been pros at it since ages. They very well know what to wear and how to wear. But when it comes to winter things aren’t exactly the same. Winter means more bulking up the clothes on us and hence even women might find hard to pick a proper fashion. Well its not really a tough task at all if you ask me. It all depends on how you approach. It can get simpler if you know a few basic rules whining choosing the winter fashion for yourself. Here are a few things you might have to concentrate on when you are selecting dresses to wear in the winter.

Choice of fabric

Choosing the right fabric is the most basic rule before you get into buying stuff. There are a plenty of fibers both natural and synthetic but your selection must depend on the winter climate. You cannot buy nylon clothes to wear in the winter. You cannot wear wool in summer. It all depends. And on that criterion, it’s better if you choose cotton for the dress material. Cotton is comfortable and wicks away the moisture from the body. Cotton is thin and would fit easily too. For the insulating material you could use wool which is a very good heat retainer which can trap the body heat emitted and which can also help in regulating the body temperature. And if at all you are ready to spend some extra bucks you could as well go for the Cashmere clothes, which are quite expensive but worth at the same time.


Layering of clothes

No matter, if it is men or women, layering of clothes is a must in winter. You need to be very choosy about the layers you will be wearing. The most important layer which is the nearest to the skin is the inner wears and one has to be very cautious about its choice. You need to choose the right material for the thermal wear as it plays the prominent role of wicking away moisture and keeping the body warm. You could look up for ladies thermal wear online and choose the material you are comfortable with. The middle layer must be cotton if you want comfort throughout the day. Cotton is light weighted and a pretty good choice for the intermediate layer. The outer layer can be jackets or Cardigans. It’s better if the jackets are made of wool or Cashmere. Parka jackets too are getting pretty famous nowadays.

Add up for the look

You could definitely use some extra accessories for the dress you would be wearing. Wearing a scarf on the neck would definitely look awesome. You could also wear nice boots to compliment your looks. But make sure you match your accessories with the kind of dress you are wearing. A mismatch wouldn’t really look good and you might end up being embarrassed.


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