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Winter fashion tips for men

Winters are known to be lousy but it is a boon at the same time. For those who have had hard time besting the summer heat winter is definitely a boon. I personally feel winter is the best season to try out new fashion because winter season means cold. Cold means lots and lots of clothes. Lots and lots of clothes mean wide range of fashions to try. Men have always paid less attention to the way they choose their attire. I do agree some men are extremely choosy but on the whole they care lesser than the women obviously. But here are few fashion tips for men to live in the winter.


Choosing the right fabric

One of the most essential part to concentrate when it comes to winter wear is the kind of fabric you use. Cotton and wool are considered to be the two best options out of all the fabrics that exist. Cotton cannot give you the warmth like wool does but it can always absorb sweat better than wool and can make you feel comfortable. Wool is pretty thick and is bound to keep you warm better than any other fabric. The choice is up to you.

Layering of clothes

Layering of clothes also is important when it comes to winter fashion. You wouldn’t want to wear too much clothes to make you uncomfortable and immovable but at the same time you wouldn’t want to wear less clothes to freeze yourself. So Layering plays a crucial role.

  • Base layer

Base layers are those that is the neatest to the skin. To be more precise, base layers are innerwear. It becomes important to choose the right thermal inner wear as it has to do a lot of tasks like heat retention and body temperature regulation. Thermal wear for men are easily available both in online market and offline market. Choose the best for you.

  •  Middle layer

Middle layer is usually a t shirt which must be of a thin fabric material. Cotton is the best choice when it comes to the middle layer as it readily absorbs moisture.

  • Top layer

Top layer can be either a sweater or a Cardigan or a jacket depending on what you want to wear. If you are a working man then you could always choose awesome jackets that would compliment your looks. If you are a student, then cardigans are the best choice you can make. If you just want to keep yourself warm you could go with the sweater.

Accessorize yourself

Accessories are like a cherry on top of a cake. Stuff like gloves, caps can add the extra oomph to your already great look. Though you can’t wear gloves all the time you could always wear a cap which would make you look perfect. You could also wear the mufflers in various styles and compliment yourself with the addition. It is always better to accessorize with any one of these or all of these so that you don’t just stay warm but also look cool.


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