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Tips for proper schooling in winter

At least once in a lifetime, we all have wished that school never existed. We all have felt that going to school was a herculean task. We all have wished there were holidays for every small reason. But what we wished never became a reality, did it? We have always had to go to schools no matter what. Winter is one season where we wished school had holidays. Because winters are moody and we never felt like going to school in the cold weather. But we never had an option but to attend the classes, right? Kids of this age are no different. Even they do not like but have to attend school. And as a parent it is your responsibility that you make sure your kid has a comfortable schooling experience in winter. Here are a few things to take care of.


Dress them for the weather            

It is the most prominent factor you must look after. Your kid is going to be out in the cold for the day when he’s in the school. The classrooms are never as warm as the rooms of your houses. So it is your task to have your kid wear proper dresses which keeps them warm. Layering of clothes is one thing you ought to do for sure. Always have your kid wear three layers of clothing. The first layer is the base layer and is the inner wear. Make sure your kid wears the thermals of right quality when he’s out. Inner wear usually does the job of wicking away the moisture and you must choose just the right quality for your kid. Look for best thermal wear for kids online. The intermediate layer must be of cotton to provide enough comfort. The outer layer can usually be jackets which insulate your kid’s body from the outside weather.

Take care of hygiene

Yes, you must be very much careful about the hygiene and especially in winter your kid is exposed to various kinds of viruses that might cause cold or flu. Make sure your kid washes hands before food. Also ask your kid to follow the same when in school. Always provide warm water for them to drink. Ask them to stay away from kids who are I’ll so that they don’t catch the cold. Most of the viruses can be airborne so always take care of your child and ask them not to stay out for a long time.

Food habits

Your kid is going to need a highly nutritious food to keep himself going. Provide them with healthy foods like fruits and nuts. It’s better to stay away from the junk food for obvious reasons.

Good Sleep is a must

Though it is inconspicuous it is important that your child gets a fair share of sleep as the winters are always sluggish. Make sure your kid doesn’t under sleep or over sleep. A minimum of seven hours of sleep mist do well for the kid. Take care.


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