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How to snowboard in safety?

Snowboarding is that one winter sport which people absolutely love. After all, who wouldn’t like to zip down the snow covered Hill in a speed that is unmatchable. Snowboarding give you enough thrills and chills for the day. It is super fun. Agreed! But snowboarding can also be devastating. One is exposed to various dangers like frost bites, knee injuries or even head injuries. Hence one has to be extremely careful when it comes to snowboarding. There are a lot of safety measures one has to concentrate on when he/she is going out in the snow to play this winter sport. Here are few of the measures you ought to take in order to play it safe.


Proper Gearing

The most vital gear in the snowboarding sport is the snowboard itself. Before you go down the slopes it is important that you have a proper snowboard with you. Snowboards usually come in various lengths. A snowboard which is very long can be hard to control and balance. Hence always choose the snowboard of the right length which suits you. Boots are another essential gear as it is the one that links you to the snowboard. You ought to have the professional snowboarding boots and not to settle down with the hiking boots or normal boots. Also take care that you tie up your laces tight enough to provide support to the ankles. Binding is also important as the straps on the snowboard is what connects you to the board. Helmet, as in any other sports, form a complete gearing. Helmets are the ones that avoid life threatening accidents. Always choose a helmet which fits your head and make sure the chin strap is fastened tight enough. Always prefer snowboarding helmets over normal bike helmets.

Dress for the day

Snowboarding means you go out in the snow. And snow means cold. Hence you will have to dress up aptly for the climate you will be getting into. It’s important that you concentrate on how much clothing you wear. Less clothing means you are bound to get cold and more clothing makes your body heavy and you would be uncomfortable. Always go for layered clothing. The base layer is very important. Thermal wears of the right quality must be preferred. Men’s thermal wear is readily available in stores or online. Choose the best ones. Intermediate layers are to be worn which is usually of thin material. It forms the middle layer. The outer layer must be a jacket which fits you enough to not make you feel uncomfortable. Apart from the clothing you must also take care of your feet. Hence wear thermal socks as it is supposed to keep your feet warm.

Other than these measures it is also important that you feed yourself well before you go out. Sunscreens are advisable. But remember; never go out in the snow alone. Always go with a friend or a family member because your safety is more important. Happy snowboarding!


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