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Different dressing styles in winter

The season of winter is preferred by a number of people as they can have various accessories and change in apparels due to the season. There are a number of things people like about the winter and the most important things are dressing and food. Hence, it is important to have proper dressing to have a different style in this season also. One can have a number of garments, but their proper use at a proper time is also equally important. For women there are a number of such garments that can make them look pretty, but men also need not worry at all. Here we have some important dressing styles that can help them look dashing in winter.


The jackets: There are a number of types of jackets available in the market. There are woollen jackets, polypropylene jackets, fur jackets, leather jackets and many more jackets made from various materials. There are different varieties in jackets also such as jackets with single zip, jackets with double zip, multilayer jackets, reversible jackets, jackets with detachable sleeves, jacket with and without hood, and many more varieties are there in the jackets.

The coats: The coat is a garment popular to counter the winter for ages. There are a number of varieties in coats also such as big collared coat, long coat, three piece coat, woollen coat and many more. The coat can perfectly protect the upper part of the body as well as can accommodate many items in its pockets also. If one can bear the weight of the coat, then there is no harm to wear a coat in winter and protect the body from the chilling wind.

The pull overs: The pullovers are usually made of wool only. As the name suggests one just pull it from the head area. It almost sticks to the body and hence, provide the body with warmth as well as keep the cold away from the body. It protects the upper part of the body only. If one wears men’s thermals inside and the pull over outside then it will be a great combination to save the body from the cold.

The cardigans: The cardigans can be termed as a sweater with buttons on the front side. Nowadays there are also zip facilities provided by the producers in the cardigans. It has been an evergreen winter wear that is used for the ages during the winter season.

The Shawl: Usually the shawl is used by females. However, one can use the shawl to cover the body with traditional dress such as Sherwani or Kurta pyjamas also. It is a medium sized piece of woollen fabric that one can just drape around and get the body protected from the cold.

The other accessories: There are a number of accessories for other body parts such as gloves, socks, balaclava, monkey caps, caps, rounds, mufflers, scarves, and many more to cover the head, ears, hands and legs from the winter.


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