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Frostbite – What Winter Trekkers Need To Know About Preventive Care

Frostbite is a term every winter trekker is aware of. It is a condition when temperature of a body part fails due to overexposure to the cold. Typically, frostbite is very common among trekkers who do not take adequate care from cold exposure or simply neglect symptoms in want to reach the destination. However, frostbite is a serious condition and needs immediate attention and first aid to channelize affected body part. Ignoring frostbite conditions is risky as the problem severity increases when the exposure to the cold increases. Learn a few basic steps to provide immediate help to a person suffering from frostbite and you can keep severe problems away.

Frostbite and Diagnosis

Giving first aid to a frostbite victim does not demands state of the art medical equipment. However, diagnosing frostbite and providing first aid immediately matter the most. Frostbite symptoms are observed in body parts like

  • Fingers
  • Cheek
  • Nose
  • Toes

Some of the most common symptoms of frostbite are

  • Cold skin
  • Sharp pain
  • Discolored and pale skin

These symptoms are often considered casually and the severity enhances thereof. Therefore, always keep an eye and understand signals sent from the affected part seriously.


Frostbite and Preventive Care

Person suffering from frostbite condition needs immediate attention. Your course of action solely depends upon the type of the frostbite. Two intensities of frostbites are observed

  • Superficial
  • Deep

At times, the person suffering from the frostbite does not complain about sharp pain making diagnosis tough. However, it is possible as severe stress and cold suppress body signals. The first and foremost preventive action is to protect the person from exposure to the cold. In addition, here are a few things you can do


  • Protect the person from rain, snowfall, and wind drifts
  • Add layers of clothes as necessary, shopping for thermal wear India online is a fabulous idea as thermals are best for body temperature retention
  • Offer warm and sweet drink to the person, avoid alcohol and tobacco
  • Use skin to skin contact to provide warmth to the affected area, avoid rubbing affected area simply hold it against your body
  • Usually 20 to 25 minutes are necessary for regaining sensation, color as well as mobility
  • Use your body heat intuitively; for an example hold affected hands or feet in your armpit
  • Lookout for symptoms in other body areas

Treating superficial frostbite is easy yet you need to work on the affected area at least for up to 30 minutes. However, make sure to seek immediate medical assistance if the skin color, sensation, and mobility of the part do not return to the normal state after you have done your best. There could be a serious damage to the tissue and muscles underneath the skin. Therefore, apply preventive care right when it is needed the most for faster relief. Dealing with frostbite intuitively is very crucial and learning the technique of providing first aid therefore becomes very necessary.


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