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Dead Of Winter – Heal Gnarly Callused Feet Perpetually!

One of the most common concerns in winter is gnarly, callused, and unresponsive feet. Cracks on the heel make the situation worse and at times large cracks may progress to bleeding and open gateway for various other infections. Therefore, taking good care of your feet in winter becomes obvious just the way you care for dry skin or itchy scalp. Various solutions, medication, and a plethora of home remedies are available and trying them is always beneficial for you and your feet too. Have mercy on them and do not ignore symptoms that tell aloud that your feet need proper attention and tender loving care.

Symptoms You Ought To Watch

It all begins gradually and one fine day, you realize that you are in a mess. Often feet are neglected as far as care is concerned. However, here are some symptoms that shout and screech that you need to reinvent your approach for feet care and make appropriate changes.94_symptoms

  • Gnarly Feet – Apparently feet look gnarly with small or large bumps, improper grown nails, and create a bad impression on the first look. At times, gnarly feet are just the beginning. Conditions may worsen leading to various skin concerns and other allied problems.
  • Callused Feet – Edges of feet feel hard when pressed and it further leads to cuts and cracks. Callused feet are one of the primary stages and it is the most appropriate time to start tender loving care of the feet just the way they deserve.
  • Cracked Feet – Cracked feet certainly are a reason to worry. It causes various problems depending upon the degree of severity. Cracks bleed at times and open gateway for other infections too.

Overcome the Deficiencies – Remedies are Incredibly Effective

Various remedies are available to heal these common cold-related feet problems. Here are some handy and resourceful remedies that truly help you survive through the nightmares of problem feet.


  • Pumice Stone – A commonly available product helps you scrub off calluses during a shower. Gently rubbing the stone on hardened skin helps to exfoliate the dead skin whilst offering a room for fresh skin cells to thrive. Using a pumice stone is one of the most inexpensive yet highly effective remedies.
  • Lactic Acid – Lotions or creams with lactic acid offer excellent moisture and help you overcome problems. Applying the cream overnight is always recommended as you offer ample time for the lactic acid to work on your feet.
  • Sporting Socks – Although it might be fanatical idea for some, wearing sporting socks comes with bundled benefits. It creates a moist ambiance around your feet making absorption of the moisture and nutrition efficient. Moreover, creams are highly effective when applied on damp and warm skin.

In addition, slip into thermal wear for girls for a cozy night and drive the winter chill away. Taking care on multiple levels is quintessential and it certainly helps you to override various problems and make you feel better. Winter care is about not only treating dry skin, face, and scalp. You need to attend to special requirements of your feet as well.


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