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River Rafting – Rediscover the Adventure Sport in Ladakh Style!

River rafting in the Indus River as well as its prominent subsidiaries is not only filled with the excitement but it also offers a beautiful expression of the Ladakh’s nature and its offerings. The serene Indus River at times turns ferocious and you need guts to cope with it. Fortunately, Ladakh’s river rafting has a room for everyone right from amateurs to pros. Finding the right spot is the key to safe and successful river rafting and experts are always available to guide you through the essentials you need to understand and follow. Moreover, Ladakh being a favorite destination for adventure sports has a lot more to offer than imagined.

Spituk and Saspol – Let Amateurs Learn Their Lesson

Ladakh offers a variety of river rafting phases and Spituk and Saspol is one of the calmest spots for rafting. In fact, it is a preferred destination for amateurs to begin with. With lesser drifts and unexpected oddities, Spituk and Saspol are superb spots for learning the lessons whilst enjoying river rafting fully. Moreover, the river patch certainly is loaded with rich nature and wildlife multiplying the excitement in multifold. Selecting Spituk and Saspol patch for river rafting is very simple and excellent professional support is available. River rafting in the safest manner is always recommended and acting in line with the advice of professionals is therefore obvious.


Scenic Floating Beneath the High Sky

Upwards the Spituk, the Indus River offers excellent floating experience under the high sky. The serenity of this patch is a wonderful experience for those who plan to enjoy a perfect vacation in the close vicinity of nature. In fact, it is a perfect destination for a one-day-return rafting expedition. Ladakh truly has a deal for every type of vacation you are planning to enjoy. All you need to do is be in the right spot. Moreover, help is always available to suggest you a best fit based on your skill level, priorities, and troop type.


Tough yet Adorable – Explore Zanskar River for A Lifetime Rafting Experience

Amidst the Zanskar mountain lays a superb destination for tough, long, and exciting river rafting. In fact, you need to be thoroughly prepared to accept the challenge of Zanskar. The gorge of Zanskar becomes the most preferred destination for tourists who are ready to dare the nature. You can expect days of river running and camping in the wilderness. Certainly, Zanskar River truly motivates tourists to mark it as a permanent destination for extreme river rafting and the most promising part of the itinerary.

Make your pick of the river rafting destination depending upon your taste and skills. From Spituk to Zanskar, Ladakh has everything that you need. Do not forget to grab your mens sleeveless jacket India markets offer online, before you hit the raft and the water. It certainly protects you just the way you need when you go out there in the wilderness on your own. Explore more of Ladakh and fall in love with it. You certainly deserve it.


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