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Winter Care for Young Ones

Kids, babies and toddlers; they all need special care in the harsh winter season. With cold and flu lurking around in the neighborhood during winter, your young ones are always vulnerable to diseases in winter. Kids usually get the cold from school or day care, when they come in contact with already infected children. Sneezing and coughing spreads viruses in the air and all the kids in the surroundings can catch cold and flu. However, by educating your child and taking some precautionary measures can safeguard your child’s health this winter. Let us check what can be done to keep your young ones safe this winter.


Habits for Health

Educate your children about how the diseases spread and help them to practice the habit of washing hands with soap frequently. Help your kids to wash hands with soap before and after every meal or snack. Also actively encourage the children to wash their hands and legs after coming home from school. Take special care that kids don’t rub their nose and eyes with their hands; make them use a towel instead. Keep a regular check on their finger nails and trim them regularly to avoid bacterial deposit. Use warm water to wash hands of babies and toddlers as they are very vulnerable to rashes, due to cold water. Not only kids, but adults should also wash their hands with soap before feeding the child or cooking their food. Insulate the windows in your house to keep mosquitoes away, as the spread many diseases and kids are most vulnerable.



For babies and toddlers, you should prefer cotton thermal wear for their comfort. However, for older kids, woolen thermal would be best as it wicks away the sweat to keep the body warm. Cover them well from head to toe, with clothing like woolen sweaters, beanies, gloves and insulated shoes. Always check that the head, arms and feet are well covered and insulated from the cold winds. Always choose the winter wear that are comfortable to your young ones; itchy labels and designs don’t suit their delicate skin and develop rashes during winter.

You can try online shopping to buy winter wear for your kids. You can find all the required winter wear, even toddlers thermal wear, online. Check out the wide range of designs and purchase your favorite winter wear for your young ones.



Kids should have highly nutritious diet during winter to build up their immune systems. Diet rich in Iron and other minerals should be given on a daily basis. Along with the milk and nutrition supplements, plenty of green leafy vegetables, fruits and salads should also be included in your kid’s daily diet. Up to date vaccinations and timely shots of flu will ensure complete safety from some viruses. Check well that your child sleeps on time and gets enough physical activity to keep the body warm during winter.

By following above mentioned simple methods, you can easily ensure that your toddlers stay happy, healthy and smiling throughout the winter.


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