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How to go outdoor camping in the cold winter season

Most of people envision spending the cold winter season with the warm beverage in front of roaring fire with a good book. But, you do not have to spend the winter season limiting yourself to the indoors in your house. The outdoor pursuits such as winter camping will also offer you subdued sounds, solitude, the crunch of snow and ice beneath your feet and an amazing clarity in the blue sky. Getting this incredible experience is not so easy, but with the right equipment and good preparations will help you in enjoying your experience outdoors in this season.

The first and most important thing, which you should consider, when you are planning a primitive camping or cross-country ski expedition or an afternoon hike is the winter clothing. Most of the people who live in the area where winter season is intense are layered winter clothing. This is very important in winter season as the multiple layers of winter clothing create the air pockets, which help in keeping the body warm and prevent the heavy clothing to weigh you down.

pure wool thermal for men

The layers of winter clothing for both men and women when going outdoors

  1. For the first layer of clothing, you need to wear insulated garments, which are specially designed for wearing next to the skin. For that, you can purchase pure wool thermal for men and women. The next layers can be of flannel, fleece or wool, and then you can wear the outer layer of clothing.

  2. You can wear ski pants or gaiters for keeping the snow out of the boots.

  3. It is a known a fact that mittens are warmer than the gloves. To prevent the loss, you can attach the mittens to the coats. When you require the additional dexterity to perform any task, you can wear gloves underneath.

  4. Headgears are very important in winter season. This is because you can lose more than 70% of the heat through your head. You should also use face masks for the prevention of the trouble in the windy conditions outdoor.

  5. For the protection of your feet in winter outdoors, you should wear many layers of the socks. The layers of socks should start with a thin wicking sock, which is next to the skin and should be followed with 1 or 2 wool blend socks.

  6. You should use mukluks books or Army surplus insulated boots, which are available in the market.

Before going for winter camping, you can acclimatize your body with some day long trips during the winter season. Once you feel comfortable outdoors in the winters, you can start planning for camping. There are many necessary types of equipment you need to take such as sleeping bag, tent, etc. You need to make sure when you are purchasing them, that they are specially designed for winter use. In addition to that, you also require the extra room for the gear you need to carry in the winter season. You will also require the whisk broom for brushing off the snow from your own person.


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