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When only thermal wear can help

Some parts of the country are still in the grip of an intense cold wave. Some regions have gone through the period of their lowest temperatures of the year. In some regions, the temperatures could go down further and stay there for long. The Himalayan states experience very harsh winters with temperatures going down to minus 25 to 30 degree Celsius. Many regions remain at sub-zero temperatures for months.  Going out becomes a tough task. While people in the southern states and Maharashtra do not have to usually face temperatures lower than 15 degree Celsius for more than a week at the most, many other states have cold winters with temperatures falling close to the freezing point and remaining in single digit for weeks.

Harsh winters

While the people in the southern states of the country and Maharashtra do not need anything more than a sweater to protect themselves from cold, people in cold regions need everything they can get. They need woollen clothes, caps, socks, shawls. The woollen clothes include warm trousers, coats, sweaters and jackets. But in many regions, where the temperature dips to below 20 degree Celsius and stays around there for months, even these woollens will not be enough. People have to get something more effective.

thermals for men online India

Work cannot stop

Whatever the temperature, men in these regions have to go about their routine in those freezing temperatures, which are often accompanied by chilly winds, snow and rain. These men can stay put in homes for a day or two, but then they have to get out and perform their jobs. They cannot carry the kangri full of glowing embers everywhere they go on work. They need something more convenient. Thermal wear is the right solution for such people.

Inner liners

Thermal wear is a set of snugly fitting inner wear. It includes a long-sleeved shirt, pants, and liners for socks and caps. These keep the person warm.  They enable the people to go about their work without having to be encumbered by thick, heavy woollen coats. All thermal wear is made from a double-ply fabric. The fabric could be wool, cotton, fleece, acrylic, or polyester. It could be a combination of any two of these. The thin plies work like two layers of clothing, with the insulating air between them resisting a temperature change. Thus they prevent the body heat from escaping.

Better availability

The availability of thermals for men online India is excellent and improving every year. Many brands are now in the fray. There is some variety now available in thermal wear. This is stark contrast to just a few years back when there would be only a set or two available in stores. Now people can get thermal wear in many colours and designs. Thermal vests and thermal trousers are now marketed in many textures and sizes. Many brands have introduced their thermal wear in recent years. To make their products popular, the companies and the online trading houses offer many discounts and festival offers. Thermal wear prices vary from around Rs500 to Rs5000 per vest or trousers.


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