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Understanding climate of Delhi

Delhi is popularly known as Dilli and is the capital of India. Delhi is among the largest metro cities in India and even the population is very high as compared to other states. The population of Delhi is approximately 25 million; this figure is based on various studies in the year 2014. Some of the most famous nearby towns are Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Sonepat, Alwar, Bharatpur and various other nearby towns. Delhi experiences four types of seasons and every season has its own charm and enjoyment.

The climate of Delhi is a monsoon influenced and humid subtropical climate. This essentially means that there is a high variation between the winter and summer temperatures and precipitation. The subtropical climate of Delhi is very different from that of Sao Paulo, Tokyo and Brisbane. In these places, you will find dust storms and they have relatively dry winters and the summers are long. Here, in case of Delhi, it is not so – the summers begin in the early months of April and the summers reach their peak in the month of May. There are occasional heat waves and the temperatures rise up to 45 degree centigrade very often.

17_delhi winter

The monsoon sets in the month of June and continues till mid-September. Delhi receives about 31.5 inches of rain, and during the monsoon, the temperature is around 29 degree centigrade. The monsoon season recedes till the month of September and the post monsoon season continues till late October. During the post monsoon period, the temperatures vary between 29 and 21 degree centigrade. Winters in Delhi are very cold and chilly. In the initial stage, it is mild weather, but with the passage of time, the cold waves in the Himalayas affects Delhi, and it becomes extremely cold in Delhi. You will find heavy fog during the winter season in Delhi.

17_wollean thermal

So, with the arrival of winter, it is quite obvious that you need to do some amount of winter shopping. This is necessary to keep yourself warm from the chilly and cold winds along with the frost. In the modern world, the winter wear is designed in such a manner that they not only protect you from the cold, but also a long way in making a strong fashion statement. Women thermal wear is a pretty popular fashion accessory as they add a new dimension to the personality levels.

With the evolution of internet, the best place to buy winter wear is the online platform. They are numerous stores where you can purchase them. Here one is bound to gain as they are entitled to discounts, which most of the shopping websites roll out from time to time. But a point to be noted is that before you undertake any purchase, get your measurements in order as then you will avoid the unnecessary hassle of returning back the clothes over and over again. This saves your time and effort, as well.


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