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Use thermal wear in extreme cold conditions

Many parts of the Himalayan states in India experience freezing and still lower temperatures for long months of the winter. The usual winter clothes and even the traditional portable kangri earthenware with glowing embers cannot be adequate enough to warm the people sufficiently when temperatures dip below minus 20 degree Celsius and stay there for weeks together. And they certainly are far from convenient for the people who have to move out for most parts of the day in pursuit of their jobs in those temperatures. Earlier they had to manage by wearing layer upon layer of yet another winter garment. Many used to fall sick because of the extreme cold and without adequate protection.

Double-ply fabric

But now there is a much better answer to the poser of severe cold conditions over long periods. When people buy and use thermal wear, the protection of the body against very low temperatures becomes much more manageable and easier. Thermal wear is always made of a double-ply fabric. The fabrics may be made of cotton, wool, acrylic, fleece, or polyester. In any thermal wear, the two thin plies may be made of separate materials or can be of the same material. However, thermal wear made of wool provides maximum protection. The two plies work like two layers of clothing. They do not allow the body heat to escape.

41_thermal wear

Inner body wear

Thermal wear is inner body wear. It is worn under the regular dress. It fits tightly on the body. The full thermal wear set for men consists of a long-sleeved shirt, pants, and inner liners for socks and caps. These can keep the person warm for hours. They make it possible for people to do without thick, heavy coats and without the kangris to ward off heat.

More variety now available

Thermals for men are available in all online shops and in the local shops. Many brands have entered the fray. Although there is not much of a variety available now in thermal wear, it is much better than what it was just a few years back. Now there are many more colours and designs available in thermal vests and thermal trousers. There are many more textures and sizes too. Thermal wear prices vary from around Rs500 to Rs5000 per vest or trousers.

Temperature range

The thermal wear sets are designed for use in particular ranges. They are not effective in temperatures beyond the range. So the buyers have to know the temperature range they will have to live in, so that they can effectively protect the buyers against the freezing cold weather.

Thermal wear washing

Thermal wear can be washed by hands or machine, but the water temperature in which it is being washed must not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. They must not be bleached. It the thermal wear has different dark colours, they should be washed separately. The detergent used should always be mild. They should not be tumble-dried in the washing machine at a high temperature. They should be dried on a line in a shade. They can only be ironed at low temperatures.


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