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Thermal wear to keep intense cold away

When the cold is so intense that all the sweaters, coats, shawls and gloves, caps and socks seem totally inadequate, it is time to turn to thermal wear to keep warm. Winter is certainly harsh in the sub-Himalayan states in India. Large parts of these states remain frozen and cut off from the rest of the country for a few months of such extreme winter weather. Residents of these regions and the people, who have to visit these regions for some reason or the other, do need very elaborate protection against cold during these months. And the most effective among these is the thermal wear.

A complete set

Thermal wear is a complete set of inner wear covering all parts of the body. It comprises a long-sleeved shirt, pant and glove and cap liners. This inner wear is snug fit. It is always made of a double-ply fabric. The two layers can be of the same material or different. The materials used in the making of thermal wear include cotton, polyester, flannel, silk, wool and fleece. It is woven in such a way that body heat is not allowed to escape. The ribbing of the sleeve cuffs and pants keeps cold air out. Thermal wear is thin and light but protects people from intense cold quite effectively. It was initially produced in plain white colour. Now, thermal wear too has become colourful. More and more designs are coming out and thermal wear has begun to look good apart from performing its main function of keeping the body warm. The buying options are multiplying fast. Thermal wear is getting style conscious, slowly but surely.

women thermal wear online

Immense variety

Online shops are offering an immense variety in women thermal wear online unlike a few years back when there would hardly be any choice. Brands are now producing thermal wear for women in a big way. The brands include Biba, Kanvin, Species, United Colours of Benetton, Vanca, Wildcraft, Cloe, Hanes, Heart 2 Heart, Jockey, Kidley, Selfcare, and Splash. Pants, pyjamas, T-shirts and tops and other thermal wear are available in many sizes and colours. The prices range from Rs500 to over Rs6000. Good quality thermal is available for around Rs1500. When thermal wear was introduced, its designs used to be basic and simple. Now, the brands are going in for more variety, innovation and an increasing number of designs.

Many incentives

Online shops offer discounts from 20 percent to 40 percent on thermal wear of all types for women. There is a warranty on thermal wear. The buyer can get back to the online shop for any manufacturing defects within a month. The shops keep coming out with attractive winter offers. The delivery period of most online shops is a day or three or four days. The buyers can use many modes of payment and also the offer the instalment facility.

Thermal wear washing

It is possible to use both hand wash and machine wash for Thermal wear. But the water has to be lukewarm and a mild detergent has to be used. Thermal wear is not to be bleached or wrung after washing. It can be ironed only at low temperature settings.


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