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Tips to stay safe during a trip to hill station

Everyone likes to take a break from a hectic work life and relax in the soothing environment of a hill station. It tranquilises your senses for a short time and helps in rejuvenate them so that you get ready for another innings of life. The serenity offered by a hill station is very hard to find anywhere else. Undisturbed by pollution and the heavy city traffic, the hill stations are the best place to spend some quality and peaceful time with your close and loved one. However, with tranquillity and peace, hill stations also pose a threat and a trip to a hill station could be dangerous if you don’t take necessary precautions in mind.


Here are some of the ways that can keep safe during a trip to a hill station.

  1. Don’t drive in dangerous conditions. First of all, if you are not used to drive in hilly areas, do not drive at all. It would be better to hire a driver who is skilled and experienced to drive in hilly areas. Additionally, if there is news of landslides in any area of a hill station, avoiding driving in such areas, no matter how skilled driver you are. The debris coming from the mountains can come to your car without giving any prior warning and cause severe damage to your car and you.

  2. Stay away from the edges while visiting tourist spots. You can easily slip off the edge if you are not careful. No matter how panoramic is the view from the edge, staying away from the edges is the best way to stay safe.

  3. The climate at hill stations can be very cold, and hence, it is necessary for you to take enough of winter wear with you to stay protected from cold. Buying women shawls for winter along with some heavy sweaters and cardigans can keep you warm and comfortable during your stay at a hill station.

  4. Avoid getting wet in cold or you can easily suffer from frostbite. You should always keep something with you to keep you dry. The best thing would be to wear clothing that is water resistant. If you are not wearing water resistant clothing, you should immediately get indoors and change your wet clothes to keep your body dry.

  5. Keep proper water supplies with you. Water at hill stations comes from streams and rivers, and, hence you need to make sure that the water you are consuming is well filtered and sterilised. If you don’t have a supply of bottled water with you while camping, make sure that you boil the water before drinking.

  6. Always keep a first aid kit with you. It is very common to suffer small cuts and bruises while you are hiking on a hill station. If you do not treat your bruises and cuts immediately, they can turn into infected wounds. A first aid kit with some basic medicines can be very helpful.


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